Fisheries Economics & Policy: Subsidies and Taxes

4 thoughts on “Fisheries Economics & Policy: Subsidies and Taxes”

  • This is GREAT info. Definitely passing this on. We're bottle-nosing our options and it seems we will have no choice but to let go lots of fisherman, or we loose our seafood. Both are undesirable but, we all know which choice is priority….

  • Wake Up degenerates… You are the Fish the criminal for profit corporate government entities or crown corporations and crown agents are the Fishermen …

    Ship = Vessel – Vehicle = Chattel Property or Citizens …. Forced Enslavement Human Trafficing for corporate government profits is the true environment of today's economy… Educate yourselves by reviewing the legal definitions for each act understand you are the fish the government agencies facilities and institutions are the fisherman profiting from the pain and suffering of HUMAN BEINGS! !!! taxation is no different than extortion when you understand the true economic corporate environment deceiving the world "globally" the land is flat river do not flow up hill people now let's smarten up before it's too late shall we?

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