Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State

Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State

The fisheries biology program is great
because it utilizes what you would learn in general zoology and biology courses
that you normally would take, but then implement aspects of conservation and
management which is relevant today, In terms of where our planet is going with
fisheries collapsing and species going endangered or becoming extinct. There is
considerably more emphasis on the commercial and recreational and social
benefits of fisheries and how they affect us anthropogenically. There’s such
a wide variety from freshwater to marine that HSU gets to cover, and it’s a really
fantastic educational experience besides having diverse local habitats, Humboldt State is also special because it is the only CSU that offers an undergraduate
degree in fisheries biology. Realizing that I can put my passion when fishing, into a degree made me want to go to Humboldt State even more. It’s awesome
here in terms of the relationships you can build with your professors,
especially in our department it’s a pretty small classroom size so it’s
really easy to approach your professors and develop those relationships. You know you see your professors in the hallway and they know your name. They know how you’re doing. They know what your strengths are. They know where you can
use improvement. The faculty in the Fisheries Department are the best thing about the Fisheries Department… besides the Coral Sea.
Love the Coral Sea! Which is our University’s research vessel and amazingly is available for undergrads to use for research. I know there’s
opportunities that I’ve had, that I never thought I would get in a million years.
You know being able to go to beach seines, or go out on the Coral Sea is
awesome. The facilities here – from the Marine Lab to the hatchery to just the wildlife building – are unbelievable. And that’s the greatest part of our
university you get to experience so many different things in an area that most
people don’t even know about. When you, graduate your employer isn’t interested in just how much fish biology you know but if you’re actually able to do
the work so I think HSU does a pretty good job preparing you for this. The more people who can be involved and care about the sustainability of fish or
their habitat or anything like that in the future, I guess,
it’s gonna be good. The fisheries program is so amazing you can come to this rather small University and small program and get a world of knowledge.

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