[ENG] NEW BERTRAM 35 – Luxury Fisherman Test – The Boat Show

[ENG] NEW BERTRAM 35 – Luxury Fisherman Test – The Boat Show

(dramatic string music) (upbeat synth music) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) – [Interpreter] At Yachts Miami Beach, there are so many boats
that I can’t tell you which is this best, the most beautiful, but there is one which I
have been madly in love with. It’s the new Bertram 35, full
of the charm from another era. Its size and shape is unlike
most of the modern boats. We could call it
anachronistic and timeless, but that’s what makes me appreciate it. After all, how do you
prefer a Rolls-Royce? With classic lines or avant-garde? (engine rumbling) Here, there is the soul of
the original Bertram 31, from whom the 35 inherited its hull and the spaciousness of its cockpit. Is it a fishing boat? If you want it to be, yes. Here are the tanks, but you
can also set it up this way, with two folding chairs, and
invite your friends onboard. And if this bothers you, it disappears. (mellow synth and percussion music) The stern is typical of more
traditional fishing boats, that is without the
platform, slightly convex with the door for the recovery of prey. The side passage is rather
narrow, but it is made quite safe by a handrail hidden on the deckhouse. The surface of the foredeck is coated with a nonslip, very classic
but also very effective. (nails scratching) (mellow electric guitar music) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Teak covers the entire gunwale and almost embraces the
fiberglass structure. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) I really like how they have decorated this area called the Mezzanine. It has been set up a
little bit Mediterranean, with a sunbathing cushion,
complete with headrest. It has the charm of another
era, and you can also see how they solved some technical problems. But in this elegant and classic
dress is a modern structure. Final is the resin vacuumed-infused hull, reinforced with Kevlar. In short, it is just what
you’d expect to find, all the tradition of the shipyard but also technological evolution. (contemplative house music) For the furnishings, they
have used precious essences, worked with great skill, as was tradition. There is a lot of light in the living area because, all around, there are windows and white and reflective surfaces. The kitchen is completely equipped, and red valves are vintage faucets. The dining area accommodates
four people sitting on a soft sofa around
the inlaid teak table. Cabin access is direct with no door. After all, if you decide to stay onboard, the space is tailored for
a couple only, not more. The bathroom is separate and quite handy. The wheelhouse is just outside,
and to get there, you climb. There are three beautiful pilot seats mounted on a steel and wood structure that will certainly require maintenance, but I’d happily take care of it. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) To drive the Bertram 35, you
have to climb up to the fly. This is the only steering position, but, guys, it’s spectacular. It makes you feel like a king, with such a big instrument
panel and three armchairs. (contemplative synth music) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) We are in one of the canals
that run from Fort Lauderdale. Here, there is the
nautical base of Bertram, and from here, you can reach the ocean, where we will try this new Bertram 35. Visibility is perfect. It’s totally clear. It is also very well controlled
from the aft cockpit. This is crucial for those who will use this boat for fishing. The dialogue with the fisherman is direct. It is immediate, so the pilot will definitely pander to all his requests. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) There is a lot of wind today,
and with a boat this small, this high, we’ll have a chance
to really test its stability. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) On this hull, they have
installed two Caterpillar engines of 460 horsepower, but
this is a prototype. It is the first built, and the
actual production of series will use exclusively Caterpillar
engines of 500 horses. The performance that we measure today will therefore be a bit
lower than what could be found later on in production models. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) I like very much this look. It has a classical feel
but is also modern. Yes, because this wood, these steels are the style of the past, but the helm, the instrument panel is carbon. Look, and the instruments
are at the top of the line. I also really like this
motor control system, typical of the American fisherman, with two levers on opposite
sides, one for each motor. And on the lever, the command
for the bow thruster, here. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Now, this is our route,
both engines forward. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) What I like about this boat is its extraordinary maneuverability. You shall see, one engine geared forward and the other back, and then a little gas. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) She turns on herself and
with incredible speed. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) I could just keep playing. (tape scratches) But, it’s time to go and try. (upbeat rock music) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Bringing the boat into planing, you hear the roar of the Cat. These historic engines have of course also evolved into more modern versions, with low fuel consumption
and low emissions. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) The sea is not ideal. I do not like it because the
waves are broken, are confused. They do not have a clear direction, and then, on top of these
waves, which come from afar, there are very choppy
waves, created by the wind. It blows pretty strong and
raises some foamy crest. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Leaving Fort Lauderdale, I head south exactly 180 degrees towards Miami. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Right now, we are out 1,800
revolutions per minute, and apart from this
shower, everything is fine. We’re at 17 knots. The fact is that you have to give a little gas in these situations to pull up the bow, and I
do not need to say it twice. (upbeat rock music) (Maurizio chuckles) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) (chuckles) Now, we’re sailing well. This pace is fantastic! The boat passes over the waves, and the spray is sent far away. In fact, it no longer hits the deck. We’re at 21 knots. Well, on a sea this rough,
the waves like this, it’s great to feel the comfort
that this boat can give. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) 2,200 revolutions per minute, right now, we have increased speed to 25 knots. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) The consumption for this cruising speed is 50 liters per hour, per engine. But, look, this is a
very high cruising speed for a 35-foot boat in these
conditions, and I’m sure, if you give even a little more
gas, it would be even better. (Maurizio laughs) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) (laughs) I decided to tackle the waves in the worst possible way,
that is, straight into them, with the bow against the
wind and against the sea. (groans) 30 knots, 2,600
revolutions per minute. I feel like I’m dominating the sea from a yacht of 20 meters,
not from a 35-footer. It’s fantastic! So I like the Bertram, with the grit of an American fisherman
that holds the course. I want to take it to the max. (upbeat rock music) (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) As I told you before, we
have less powerful engines, rated at 460 horsepower each. The final version will be
with two Cat, 500 horsepower. And yet, despite this and conditions, it went very fast, more than
30 knots, 31, fantastic! (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) Now, let’s see how she turns
because a fly this short could perhaps have an
excessive angle of heel. (dramatic string music) No, not really. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) You have to be light in turn, however, dose up because they added
a pump that allows you to maneuver very easily
but that, while sailing, is required to be used with caution, to move the helm with
your fingertips like this. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) I thought that this boat would
have slammed against the sea, especially at this speed with this wind, and instead, it’s always soft. It’s great. (Maurizio speaking in foreign language) I think you can understand that, despite unfavorable conditions,
I’m just having fun. Thank you, Bertram. Thank you! (dramatic string and piano music) (dramatic string music)

14 thoughts on “[ENG] NEW BERTRAM 35 – Luxury Fisherman Test – The Boat Show”

  • Hahaha worst submarine-boat EVER!! And the sun-beds behind is just tragic this is what happens when you let a bittch design a fishing boat

  • So you bake in the sun when driving, and get soaked when it's raining. No protection for the captain. That's a crappy boat in my book.

  • she's beautiful, and a sea keeping dream. Btw, you internet sea dogs do realize that this a "prototype" right? Experimental, in development, etc. I've owned a B-20 moppie for 17 years now, and it is the most enjoyable boat I've ever owned and I've shamed quite a few 25-30 footers in the rough stuff. Moreover, it's nice to go many years of riding the waves without having to tighten a single screw!

  • I enjoy how this boat has a retro, 1970's flybridge/cabin cruiser design. I do not, however like that there's no helm inside to drive from.

  • It's an overpriced water taxi. The original "31 was a fishing machine. Bloody decks is Bertram heritage. Not this…

  • The helm is only 10' off the water it would have to be 40' if you didn't want to get soaked man she throws lots of water strait up and over. A guy would be a lot better off coughing up the extra money and going for the Viking 37 Billfisher you get a lot more boat and to helms so you can stay dry in a little bit of chop.

  • Bertram is renowned for being a 'battle wagon' type of boat. You can beat the crap out of them and they handle beautifully. I used to have a 33 with a full eisenglass enclosure and the thing was like being in a shower, but what it lacked in dryness it made up for in handling. An old saying is that the wetter the ride, the better the hull, just look at the 31. Viking, Hatteras, Cabo, all the overpriced companies are just as wet, this isn't a Viking, it's a totally different hull design that has no similarities, thus, you can't compare them, period. I'd take Bertram over Viking any day, especially the older Bertrams!

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