[ENG/IND]크레이피쉬 먹방 ※신남주의※ Crayfish mukbang korean eating show

[ENG/IND]크레이피쉬 먹방 ※신남주의※ Crayfish mukbang korean eating show

Hello I’m Dorothy! Hiiiii~~~~ YA! Today I will be eating THIS This is Crayfish from “The Law of the Jungle”! I was soooo craving this while watching “Law of the Jungle” and I was reading some of the comments and someone said “Please eat crayfish for me” so I was like “What?! Crayfish? Can I get that in Korea?” and I searched online and they had it and a lot of Youtubers have already tried it, I really really wanted to try it for myself so I bought it. This guys also got a ‘Big Head’, big head, crustaceans always got big heads LOL sae-woo-kkang (korean shrimp crackers) has a big head haha I actually got to try from here yesterday. The head has a lot you can eat not just the tail every leg has meat in it I’m going to enjoy this. This is hibiscus tea The lighting might seem a bit bluish to some but I was trying focus the light on to here so I had to turn off one of the background lights sorry about that…. But FIRST of allll NICE TO MEET YOU. Should I do it this way? whoa This is no joke. Its heavy, its good when its heavy Cracking it open OH YEAH!! AWESOME! Look at those guts I’m going to eat it all in one bite, right here where all the guts are WHOA OMG!!! Everyone, Look at all these guts Omg you guys, this is LIT Now should we dip it? Rub it on there, oh please don’t fall off *oops* my mouth Wow, this is sooo good Just like this You really don’t need any dipping sauce for this you just dip it in the guts (I’m getting even more super-excited….Its just sooo delicious!!) YUM~! Its kind of like… (sorry for being so hyper) the texture is very tender for a crustacean almost like the texture of chicken You know when you watch “Law of the Jungle” everyone takes turns taking one bite Imagining I’m in the jungle and being greedy This is seriously so good Its very Ah! The guts are not too salty and no fishy-taste at all, the guts are not salty almost like a buttery-taste, very rich taste The layers usually on king crabs and other crustaceans the layers are vertical but this has layers all around Oh! You know how some grilled fish are very chewy It doesn’t even compare to lobster’s texture its completely different yum~ This is no joke~^^ So refreshing! Oh YEAH! Oops! Sorry!Delicious! The meat is soft and tender yet very chewy I can’t believe I get to try this Thank you! My mouth is a mess The guts taste so yummy If you look right here… This is all stuff you can eat inside Honestly the guts I had yesterday was a little salty but this ones not salty at all. Maybe its a gamble Come out~~ YES! There’s a ton of meat here Like this Its all stuff you can eat STUFF I CAN EAT!! That’s the thing about crayfish, its all meat inside this here is all meat like this this part is all edible hehe take off some of this stuff This is meat, all meat This part truly is like chicken Oh my GUTS De-li-cious L-E-G-S Meat right here The leg meat was so good You go like this open it up…MEAT. Oh no it got all over my face meat Meat MEAT Jackpot this way, this way The leg meat is really bouncy they must move their legs a lot Like this, more bouncy less layers These guys are really spiny so if you plan on having this, watch your hands Ta-Da~ soo good The tail and the head and the legs all have different texture The meat around guts inside the head is the most tender kind of like white meat? like chicken? that’s super rich and gets sweeter the more you chew and the guts make it really buttery flavor all inside your mouth and the tail meat is chewy and tender and the leg meat is bouncy chewy It’s fun to eat Oh! Due to time honestly, there’s no waste here except for the shells its all meat from head to tail so if I try to eat everything it’ll take too long I tried doing that yesterday, taking apart every piece This I will finish eating while I edit Anyways the texture in this part and the head is the same and this leg texture is the same as the legs I just had The tail is different I have to mix rice into this! Meat Totally different from lobster This is also…MEAT Not salty… I love it hehe My standard for saltiness is compared to yesterday Ta-Da! It was really good Its different from king crab different from lobster. King crab tastes the best and I like the layers of meat I can’t help but love king crab King crab tastes the best, then its crayfish, for me then lobster, after that snow crab, then red snow crab. I think that’s the order for me But seriously, this comes right after king crab for best taste. I wonder how much better it would be if you had it in the jungle like in “Law of the Jungle”. People say you “eat the atmosphere” If you mix the right atmosphere with crustaceans… that’s the BEST. I really enjoyed it. I’ll finish this guy later on my own, don’t worry Oz~ Love ya~!

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