Easy Zonker fly pattern | Fly tying a streamer for trout and bass

Easy Zonker fly pattern | Fly tying a streamer for trout and bass

hey how’s it going it’s Kevin I wanted
to go over how to tie a really simple effective zonker style pattern has a
little bit of variation for the original but I think it’s been pretty effective
for me so in the vise right now I have a partridge it’s a bomber size 4 hook not
the typical hook you’d use but it has a tungsten cone head on it right now and
I’m going to be using the lagger 1095 denier extra strong thread in black so
I’m gonna run a base then I’m gonna use some point to O lead wire a little trick
with the lead wire as you go to put it inside these cone heads is if you put on
the top of the shank and insert it in it’ll actually hold that cone head so it
stops bouncing around won’t hold all the way but it’ll give it a good place to
live so one thing I really like off this flies I’ve got a lot of weight up here
on the front I can fish this on a floating line with a really short leader
and kind of use it for hitting the pockets now I’m gonna put on my rib this
is a lag Urton it’s the oval medium and a silver and then for the body on this
fly I’m going to use the lag rheton it’s the the French flat braid this is a
really cool color because it’s got some iridescent to it it’s a mix of kind of
like a pearl or green a black all kind of in there so really has a nice look in
the water it has a little bit of flash so you don’t actually need to type flash
on the fly so I’ve got my body laid there got my ribs tool in the back I’m
gonna take a rabbit strip this one these are not the cross cut these are the
straight cuts so the fibers lay straight down on the hide this one has a little
bit of frosted tip it’s black with some white frosting trick whenever you pulled
these rabbits upside to pack the high can be a little bit messed up floral up
when it’s dry after the dime so if you just take this in your hand you just
pull it straight and you had a good tug go straighten that hide right back out
and it’s easy to work with so here I’m gonna tie this right in
underneath that conehead as tight that as far up as I can possibly get it you
want to make sure that stays right in line with the top of your top your hook
shank there all I’m gonna do is take this rib take this oval medium tinsel
and run it right back up and kind of split up in the hairs as I do it and you
want to make sure you keep this hydrate on the top of the hook shank so you want
to pull back the fibers you can go ahead and just start just wrap in your tinsel
and as you get it set you can kind of pull it back and straight it out and for
every wrap you do advance it pull some of the hair back don’t trap any and just
do a normal kind of Palmer up to the front and then with a little bit of pseudo
seal black you can give yourself a nice color dub this in you’ll see more on
like a slump-buster pattern or something other song because people put a you know
keep unwrapping the rabbit ship around the collar or they’ll put a hackle in
for this fly I like it to get down quick and I really don’t want any of that
stuff kind of interfering must be the sync ability of this fly so I just make
a nice generous dubbed collar that’ll pick out and look pretty buggy once it
gets fishing and then for trimming the tail what you want to do is you want to
get into that tail and take it right at the right here at the we take it rate
the bend of the hook you want to make sure that you’re cutting just the hide
not the fibers because the fire bus will hang out longer than the hide so that’s
a pretty easy flat it’s high with that bomber style hook it’ll stop from the
short strikes and it fishes nice and deep you can fish out a floating line
with the short leader and really hit pockets if you enjoyed this video just
click like down below subscribe to my channel or check out some of these other
videos I’ve done thanks

5 thoughts on “Easy Zonker fly pattern | Fly tying a streamer for trout and bass”

  • Nice fly. I just tied up a bunch of Zonker type flies for some stillwater fishing. Good idea with hook choice to prevent short strikes. I just used straight shank streamer hooks so if I keep getting short strikes maybe I'll change it up.

  • Dan Byford, the inventer of the Zonker in 1973 while we had a fly shop in Steamboat, CO, would be pleased to see you and many others still tie and believe in the Zonker,. BTW, his chessie retreiver was also named Zonker! Stay the course!

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