Dutch magnet fishing wow weer gave vondsten samen met watch dutch ww2 relics

good morning today we are going magnet fishing it going to be fun this is the 3 time we go to this spot who is there ? jim is for first time firs to arive first coffee real easter eggs haha look what i have for you a pigeon? why???? are you happy? going to katwijk? i dont know what to do with it its cool ah now he is gone why do you take a pigeon with you? because they go in the chicken coop we are in first find dutch gulden look what you got very cool egg granate m 39 i think its broken full of water normally there is a ring on the back 2 x 10cents next find a bullet dutch bajonet very happy

local_offerevent_note October 23, 2019

account_box Gilbert Heid


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