Drilling With Magnet Trick To Catch Shavings

Alright we’re getting ready to drill a hole
here into this electrical panel. We don’t want the filings to go in so a little
trick with us. Just use a magnet. We’ve got a bigger magnet and a little magnet
here also. We’ve already laid out where our hole is going
to go so we’re just going to put that magnet right over the center and then put the drill
in. It catches all those shavings real easy. And then underneath you can see you’re starting
to pop through. Just put the bigger magnet there so it catches everything. Then take your top magnet off and get all
the shavings out and then your bottom and then you’ve got both magnets full of shavings. The panel’s clean and we didn’t drop any down
on the bus bars or the electronics inside. Pretty slick deal.

local_offerevent_note September 26, 2019

account_box Gilbert Heid


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