DIY Strike indicator for fly fishing – Very simple and effective

Simple strike indicators from O rings and wool
May 22nd 2014 Strike indicators. I am going to demonstrate
how I make simple strike indicators from O rings which you can buy in hardware stores
car/engine repair shops etc. O rings a simply rubber rings that are made
in a variety of sizes. So now I am going to make a simple strike
indicator from wool and this is very simple. I cut about 15-20 cm of wool and if
I am going to make a small strike indicator, then this is how it´s done. I take an O ring, sizes are preferance.
I use the forceps to open the O ring and with them, grab the end of the wool,
and pull the O ring over the wool. Then you have the wool in the ring.
I then putt the ends of the wool together. This is how it looks like now.
I hold the wool tight and twist it a little. I then take the thread and make turn,
pretty tight. You can probably do this on the river,
if you have the material with you. I make about 15-20 turns with the thread.
I then use the threader we know from from fly tying.
I lay the thread over the turns I made. And then continue to turn with the thread
over the threader, about 15-20 turns more. I then cut the thread and pull the
threader back and trim the ends. I then cut the wool to preference.
Depending on where to use the indicator. As you can see, this is a very simple
procedure. Especially for those of us
that are used to tying flies. You can of course make different sizes
depending on conditions. I couldnt guess on the cost of one
indicator, perhaps 50 cents or less. Finally I apply super glue or fly finish
on the thread to toughen it.

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