Collecting Magnet Fishing Finds For Cash 2019

Collecting Magnet Fishing Finds For Cash 2019

today’s the day
i won a small trailer on eBay
so I just off to bury we’re all fishing last time and it’s actually pick up this
trailer so it’s good I won’t be fitting too much scrap in it but I’ll be
alright so the trailer is on what could possibly go wrong no matter what the
trail will fly off or something, so excited bounces around a bit so there’s beeping, why is something beeping?r beeping
my car shouldn’t beep when they indicate the hell and now when I indicate when
I’m towing the trailer it beeps My car beeps!! Whats all that about? oh well so first obsticle, just comes to
be first bridge this is where left a bit of scrap and the other day I could
collect it so hopefully this scrap still here but
I’ve got a really tight turn when a single track road and and i need to turn
around so let’s see if I can reverse this trailer, straight, opposite what I
need to do is really quick , so James may it oh no. I so James may do it on top gear and
makes it just shows how far this so any a little adjustment one hour later im taking it off. I quit already yep so here’s some of this scrap we
pulled out the other day there was two kids scooters there but they’ve already
been taken The scrap metal weighs a ton unfortunately im on my own today ah now to get the rest smaller stuff to
fill the bottom of the trailer. these are interesting things we found the other day, they’re not sure
what it is no idea you never know what you’re gonna find
more fencing and then I took it to the scrapyard once i have a decent pile to see
money can make out of it football yes what I’m doing I’m just
hitting the bridges along the canal are im just using Google Maps to see if
anybody’s left any scrap scrap metal behind they generally leave it the side
of the bridge clean this side yep so it’s like a I show us I was like
nobody’s been a magnet fishing here which is a quite rare yes or I might
it’s down as a bridge that’s not been done before just because it’s not scrap
metal well I carry on going to see what Metal i
can find remember last time there’s loads of a DVLA wheel comes here
few weeks ago so it’s like that somebody took it or chucked it back in the
water yeah the bridge is clean ah there is a dvla wheel clamp there will come there so I brought the magnet
in the car so I might get that out and see if somebody chucked it back in box there a second wheel maybe a bike in
fact yeah I’m gonna come back I’m going to get the magnet Im using the 200 kilogram double sided, old
ive found quite a lot with it The clamps are heavy when they get full of water yeah
this one looks quite new and clean chain on it one down ive been magnet fishing for 12 months and
I’ve always liked this magnet and this is probably the best all-round magnet
you can buy as usual I’ll put a link to it in the description shopping trolley
could be anything but yeah thank God and not got a long time so got to be pretty quick , pretty selective looks like a perfume bottle? something floating n the water
I always try underneath bridges as well and that’s because we have any shady
characters that have stolen a purse or a small cash box or a safe general they
hide under the bridges to empty them then chuck them in Always try near the edges if
somebody’s dropped something I t could just roll straight into the water
what’s this one somebody has magnet fish there before couple week ago
and all the metal was piled up at the ide of the bridge there’s bike a couple
wheel clamps and I think some was just chucked them back in instead of’ getting rid
of them I get rid of people scrub I think next time i will bring my grapple hooks good for bikes and shopping trolleys pull them
straight out I didnt expect to be magnet fishing today car wing!
What do you call it in America? is it fender? of a golf i think cant believe how heavy these are anybody in the comments who say this is theft by finding I’m just storing it like this dvla wheel clamp, I’ll store it for you and charge
your storage fee 20 pound a day I reckon so DVLA if you want your wheel clamp
back today is the 6th of January 2019 we you can have it back at 25 pond a daystorage
if you don’t collect it within 28 days they’ll be getting recycled Thats what they do to us when they impound the cars give you twenty eight days to go snd
pay recovery fees and to get it out . like if anybody is
not from the UK like the the people who choose not to pay the road tax which I
always pay mine but for the people who don’t pay the rock tax the police will
impound you get your car taken off you Ring a recovery company, will impound it
and you gotta pay your recovery fee to be released then its
about 25 quid a day storage and after 28 days you don’t pay it they can legally
that company can legally sell your car at the auction and keep your money so
I’m gonna do the same and reason I put it over the wall is to keep me from
walking all the way around to pick up the scrap cars up there but the bit I’m
dreading his turning around because I’ve parked on a road oh well and i l tell you
my dream is to live on the canal boat when I retire
chill out and have a peaceful life bit of fishing and magnet fishing and happy days get the scrap loaded up and of to
the next bridge this is gonna be the fun bit I need to get around this corner and
then to turn around you saw in the last bit it was a
nightmare to reverse but let’s see yeah see how long it takes me to do this
bit well before the camera fell over did
in one go well chuffed with that only had the trailer a couple of hours yes to fill up nicely off to bridge number four actually done this bridge before not
to sure this is a bridge we’re me and Alex found that box for the box full of jewelry so
I’m not expecting to find metal at the side of the bridges and just because
we had a scrap man coming collects it what I am looking for some
yellow wheel clamps in the water and they’re quite
obvious to see cuz of a big giant yellow shaped things know no body has dumped any since
let’s try this side all these ducks yep nothing jumped out at me so this is a wheel camp we’ve actually done this bridge before so I’m gonna get the
magnet out I’m running at a time so i only got time to grab that one
and pull it out yeah okay look at all the rubbish at the side of this bridge
its disgusting some people are just animals last time we come burnley we found
it was 11 wheel clamps in total which suggest to me like not a lot of people are not paying
road tax or are illegally parking found another 3 today so
I’m gonna contact DVla to see if there is like a reward scheme because I’m finding
loads of these and must cost them alot of money as well another quite rusty and
probably wont want them back not the ones in bad condition
hopefully they might pay a reward if not I will I’ll send them an email see if they want the badly corroded ones back you keep or try
and refurbish them if not I’ll I just scrap it for scrap but obviously
it’s their property so I’ll see what they said and if they respond to
the email situation is yes I keep them or they may buy back off you you click away if you would like to see my latest upload click the top one, YouTube recommends it’s just underneath
it and don’t forget to subscribe you can click the magnet I’ll see you in the next one

100 thoughts on “Collecting Magnet Fishing Finds For Cash 2019”

  • Nice purchase, congrats. Consider purchasing battery-powered angle grinder so that you can cut the scrap that normally won't fit into the trailer

  • the landrover boys have been using them dvla clamps too secure there landys with them down here mate , the ones without the the dvla stamp on em / great vid btw

  • Hi mate,I couldn't reverse the trailer at first but persevered and have now got the hang of it! Your nearest emr will probably give you the best scrap price ! Cheers

  • switch the component for the trailers spare tire to the outside and put it on the front, it will give you more room! And nice haul! Congrats on the trailer!

  • That's a nice trailer! How do you like driving with it? I don't like trailers much but navigating my truck is a tad bit troublesome in the city sometimes 🙂

  • I am sure there will be many tips, but this one is important. Line the bottom of the trailer with a thin sheet of plywood.
    Exterior ply of course, or it will separate when wet. It will protect the bottom of the trailer for years. Don't forget to drill and bolt it down.

  • Love the trailer we take everything with us but the car now smells like the bottom of the canal so really good idea

  • I heard there is going to be some snow soon are you planning to go out magnet fishing in this weather like last year lol

  • I wish scrap was £800 a ton iwould be a lot richer than I am.I have been taking my finds to the scrap for the last 2 years and you get around £130 a ton,i usually fill a trailer bigger than yours and the back of my pick up full to the top and it weighs in at about a ton.Also I don't know what it will be like in your area but where I live scrap yards will not take shopping trolleys beer kegs etc as they are too easy to steal and weigh in,they probably won't take dvla clamps either but good luck and keep cleaning for the sake of the enviroment

  • Yea nice little trailer should go to a parking lot practice backing up yeah those little short tons are hard to move but still do alright takes time. 👍👍🇨🇦

  • Gareth are you becoming a ‘rag n bone’ man? lol. Great way to make some extra pocket money. Plus the C &R trust can’t say you’ve left a mess behind. 🙂👍🏻👍🏻

  • Most cars beep when theirs a trailer on its to let you know the indicators on trailer are working it’s a safety feature

  • On the news tonight they said that one council was charging supermarkets £75 to return trolleys. Now you have a trailer you can make money charge £50 and you are quids in.

    Trailer bounces as there is no weight in it.

  • Hello from Québec, Canada. I received the magnet that you wrote me the link a couple days ago. Thank you for the information. I have to wait around 3 months to start magnet fishing,, ice every where. Today it was minus 30 degrees celcius . Keep on your good work !

  • The probable reason for your car beeping is it things you trailer is an object trying to overtake giving you a proximity alarm !
    At a guess mate

  • A semi-quick story. Let me preface this with the knowledge that I watch quite a bit of magnet fishing videos and most of them are from the UK. My daughter was home for Christmas and we went for a ride. We drove past a large puddle with a shopping cart sticking out of it and I made some remark about how there must be some kind of conspiracy with throwing shopping trollies into the water. I suddenly got three VERY strange looks from my wife, my daughter, and her girlfriend. When I asked why they were all staring at me, my daughter said, "Did you just call that a shopping trolley???" I laughed because I hadn't even I realized I had done it. You guys are rubbing off on me! LOL

  • Drastic g come to Warwick I really get inspired by your videos you inspired me to get into magnet fishing now I love it

  • It seems around that way they dont give a fuck and cut clamps off and throw them in the Cannel. I don't know why, if they've clamped you then they'll charge for the clamp on top of the fine as well as towing the car away. I don't like road tax but I've found avoiding it makes it stressful and expensive. Clamp clamp clamp. Lol

  • If the beeping was only when you turned on the turn signals, and the lights were flashing more rapidly than normal then you may have to install a heavy duty flasher controller on the car to handle the extra load of the trailer turn lamps. It is a simple fix that any mechanic can do in just a few minutes. Most vehicles here in the states are not equipped with heavy duty flasher controllers from the factory unless you purchase an optional tow package. Also, You need to put a sign on your trailer Drasticg you tube. Eco minded magnet fisher. Recycle your finds! or at least something along those lines..

  • Great videos, just got the 200KG double sided magnet, same as yours! Just wondering where you bought the reel thingy you use to wrap excess rope around?

  • drasticg i'm a scaffolder and i was in erecting a scaffold in knottingley right next to the canal ia few of my tubes fell in lol i immediately thought of ur channel lol

  • That's a nice trailer, & yes reversing is a bit of an art, we had various trailers & caravans in the past & it's all about keeping the car & trailer as straight as possible with small movements of the steering wheel, once you get too much angle you've just got to go forward & start again.
    If you find any road signs in reasonable condition there's quite a few people who collect them, you often see them on ebay etc.
    There are a few Facebook groups for collectors of roadworks equipment.

  • Hi Drastic, nice to see you have a trailer, maybe u have some space at home to seperate the iron from other metals. Bikes usually have allumium wheels, u'll get more money for it. Keep up the Good Work!!

  • Hey drasticg not sure if you're aware but people buy and collect road signs of all types, especially if they have some age or town names on them etc, I used to sell them on Ebay. I even bought them from the scrap yards and straightened them out before selling them. I imagine the foot path closed one was desirable.

  • Nice to see you get rid of the crap the proper way and not put back in the canal, like most magnet people good on you

  • Let me know if the scrap finds pay for the petrol and insurance etc , be worth it if you covered your costs each year just from the scrap , i wonder if you need one of them scrap metal license for magnet fishing scrap .

  • Just curious how much do you make from the metal objects you drag out the rivers etc. and does any of it ever have more of a resale value than scrap

  • The beeping you hear is a legal requirement when ever you tow a trailer, it is an audible warning that your indicator is working on the trailer, if when you have the trailer electrics attached and you put your indicator on (either side) and the beeper doesn't work that tells you that the indicator on the trailer light board isn't working.

    As for reversing the smaller the trailer the harder it is to reverse.

  • Так и не понял , что за жёлтые треугольники с цепями и откуда их столько в воде ?

  • I have towed a lot of trailers in my time and would like to offer you some advise.

    Fit a pair of chains to each side of the trailer tow bar and the other end using a quick release of some kind to the cars tow bar. Not the tow ball!!! in the event of the hitch or ball failing the trailer will stay behind the car. I once had one over take me, I thought man that looks like mine and it was.

    I have heard of the indicator beep before but have never seen one in action, what a great way to remind you that you have a trailer behind and need to take extra care turning. Maybe not with yours but with longer ones yes. Great idea.

    Do make sure the loads are properly secured as those small trailers bounce a lot and tie downs become loose.

    I wonder how much scrap you need to pay for it???? Any way good luck and keep fishing for that pot of gold. Cheers.

  • At 12:51 something is creating an oil slick in the water on the right. Mechanical? Or just an oil change dump? Either way poor duckys

  • Litter is a big problem that mess at the last bridge would drive me nuts bring bags and lots clean it up and show the local council

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