CKP Recipe – Navalkol –  Sode Ghalun Bhaaji – Dried Prawns Navalkol Vegetable

CKP Recipe – Navalkol – Sode Ghalun Bhaaji – Dried Prawns Navalkol Vegetable

Namaskar, I am Sushama Today i am going to demonstrate Navalkol vegetable with Dried Prawns Ingredients required Navalkol(Kohlrabi)(German Turnip) – it looks like this You can get bigger sizes than this If you buy bigger ones, there are chances of them of being not tender It is also called at “Alcol” in the local market I have peeled the skin and cut them into small pieces Not too small and thin, but similar to how we cut potatoes for vegetable I have taken 3 pieces of Navalkol Half bowl Dried Prawns – washed and made into pieces Half bowl Fresh Coconut – diced Half tsp – Red Chilly Powder Half tsp – Garlic paste/diced Half tsp – Turmeric powder Coriander for garnishing Half tsp – Diced Garlic or Garlic paste Salt as per taste We have kept the pan for heating To it we will add Half tablespoon of oil We will add less of oil Half tblspn oil is added. Let the oil heat up We have kept the oil for heating We will add to the dried prawns – Half tsp Garlic paste Half tsp – Ginger paste We will apply this well to the prawns We have applied this to the prawns Now the oil is heated up. Let us fry the dried prawns now Let us fry the dried prawns in the oil We have added Garlic to reduce the fishy smell Kayastha’s love their dried prawns added to any vegetable to enhance the taste Now the prawns are fried. We will add Navalkol to the pan now I am going to fry the Navalkol too Navalkol is also fried now Now let us add masala Turmeric powder Half tsp Red Chilly powder Diced Coconut Salt as per taste Now the coconut is also fried Now we are going to add about a bowl of water And it should take about 5 mins for the Navalkol to get cooked Now let us keep the lid on the pan and let it cook for a low flame for 5 mins Our vegetable is now ready The Navalkol has cooked well Now before moving to the serving bowl let us add some Coriander and then move to the serving bowl To view different and traditional recipes like this Please subscribe to my channel Thank you

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  • फारच छान आई असताना तिच्या हातची खाल्लेली हि भाजी पण ती गेल्या नंतर हि हि भाजी खाल्ली नाही आणि हि चव जमली नव्हती पण ताई तुमच्या रेसिपीनी केलेली भाजी अगदी आईच्या हातच्या चवीची आठवण करून दिली धन्यवाद

  • Taie tumcha swatacha aawaz lahan yet aahe video madhe..tyamule cooking chya awaza pudhe tumhi kaay bolat aahat hech kalat…as we are very new to this receipe

    So next time pls care ghyaa

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