Citation Tennesee River Blue Catfish on Big Orange rod and reel

good morning everyone today I’m at a Trophy spot I brought my friend Derek with me check out the iCard that is his motorcycle vlog channel now let’s see if we can catch a big trophy catfish just for reference that bite was on my new $50 combo I’d be doing an unboxing review of why I made that $50 rod in a different video you Oh oh yeah this is a big one big catfish on the whisker seeker Oh he doesn’t want to come in he’s fighting a lot harder than that the other ones bigger when I caught here one drag it just doesn’t want to come in whoa there you go trophy catfish 25 pound Tennessee River blue okay buddy huh let go the grips I don’t want you to try to steal my grips ha there he goes awesome I just want to go over the rods and reels I got out here rod and reel on the right is ugly stick catfish with kuma classic the left reel is a cat max with a nightstick and the middle one is a whisker seeker with a Abu Garcia 6500 c3 catfish special we’re using my favorite bait today skipjack herring I built this Abu Garcia on the nine and a half foot whisker seeker for this spot to catch big catfish and it has succeeded in catching a big catfish about 300 feet out is where the channel is so I have to be able to cast way out there to get to the big fish the big fish they’re always traveling in and back out of this channel into the main river if there’s a piece of fish as they’re traveling either way they don’t hesitate to pick it up okay we’re going to call it the clouds are going away sun’s out and we’re both hungry we call it the 125 pound fish and we had several takes button new hook ups it was a good trip be sure to LIKE and subscribe and be sure to check out your Derek’s page thank you for watching

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