Chicago’s Best Seafood 5: The Crazy Crab Chicago

(fun energetic music) – This is our
seafood episode and when I eat seafood, I
like it out of a bag. And thanks to an
e-mail from Cathy, we’re in Evergreen Park at
the Crazy Crab for just that. Let’s check it out. (exciting music) Okay, Cindy, I grew up
around this area and I know there aren’t that many
sit down seafood restaurants. What made you guys wanna
open up a Crazy Crab? – That’s exactly why,
because from the Dan Ryan all the way to Chicago Ridge,
there is no sit down seafood. – It is amazing. There’s no really good
seafood restaurants unless you go downtown, so having
this here is really convenient and the food is delicious. – It’s great to be here,
it’s great that we have this kind of food on the
South side, it’s wonderful. – It’s phenomenal because we
don’t have any good eatery places in the area. so this is one of the top, which
I’m glad it’s finally here. (exciting music) – [Lauren] Okay, so
this seafood boil idea. Walk us through this
whole ordering process. – You first come in and
decide what type of shellfish you want, everything we
have is sold by the pound. Then your last step is
what flavor, lemon pepper, garlic pepper, cajun, but
our most popular is all three of those mixed together,
it’s called trifecta. (moaning) – Now, I know you’re only
one part of the dynamic duo that runs this place. – Yes, we are. – Who am I cooking with today? – I work the front of the house, my husband, Marty, works
the back of the house. So he’s gonna take
you in the kitchen and show you where he
makes the magic. – Alright, let’s
get back there! – Alright. (deep rhythmic music) – [Lauren] Okay, Marty,
is this a tub of butter? – There’s seven cubes of
butter that go in this pot. The first thing we’re
gonna do is put our special cajun blend into the pot. Now we’re gonna take some
garlic pepper and pour that in. Then we’re gonna add
some lemon pepper. Our last final step
is to add the garlic. – [Lauren] All of this garlic? – [Marty] All of that
freshly minced garlic. (deep rhythmic music) – [Lauren] I’m not making out
with anybody tonight, guys. – Oh, you’ll smell. (laughing) You go home smelling
like garlic. – While our butter and
garlic simmer on the stove, Marty loads up a bag
with crab legs, potatoes, sausage, and corn on the cob. Okay, it’s butter time. – It’s butter time. All we have to do now
is shake the bag up so sauce gets evenly distributed. And then we’re ready to eat. – [Lauren] But
before we do that, it’s time to find out what makes
this seafood so crazy good. (deep rhythmic music) – We eat with smell, we eat
with touch, we eat with taste and sight, so they give
you the full experience. – The spices, it’s
flavor, it’s different. – It’s very different,
everything is right
there together and you can come and get
messy and have a good time, or get you some gloves. You can kind of sop your
potato down in the seasoning and it is wonderful. – Just dig on in. – Dig on in! (laughing) – Okay, Cindy, we
have our crab boil. Ready to dig in? – Ready to dig in. I like to dip from the bottom. Get a little bit of that
garlic sauce on there. – [Lauren] Dip it
from the bottom. (fun lighthearted music) – [Cindy] It’s good. – That is so good. – It’s good, and I
eat it all the time and I think it’s good. – You can taste all of the
seasonings, the garlic. This might not be
the best date night, but you can come with
your girl, right. – That’s right! (laughing) But if he really likes you,
he’s gonna wanna feed you. – I need to find a guy
who can come here and eat all this garlic with me
and still like me afterwards. Goals. (laughing) (fun rhythmic music)

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