Catching jumbo wild mosquito fish aka “KATABA” (ENGLISH SUBTITLE)

Good day backyard hobbyist today we are not in our backyard because we are now here in place and this is like a paradise as you can see the water in here is very clean if you think that we are in the far place well it is a mistaken I am just here in rizal in cainta rizal somewhere in valley golf country club today what we are going to do is we will catch fishes in here as you can see the fishes in here specially for the fish called kataba or mosquito fish if you can see them they are very big so for today’s episode is very exciting so please stay tuned so this place called maya maya the water is very clean in here and it has many wild species and later on we will catch some fish so that we can know the wild species living here in the river so once again this place is called “maya-maya” guys I saw this plants in here but I dont the ID of this plants if you knew the ID of this plants as I can see they are just floating on the water and they have roots, so I am thinking if they are good in aquarium that’s why I will get some samples then I will plant in my aquarium If they will survive much better but I can see they are just floating in the water then they have roots as you can see they have roots i don’t know if they are immerse in the water they will die so I will get some samples to test if they can be good as aquatic plants so this is my harvest they are enough here if you knew the ID of this plants please comment bellow they are plenty ion here floating in the water at the side of the river here and I saw also on that area behind the green grass has plenty of this plants and I am thinking if they can live at the top of the water maybe they can be immerse so I will try it first then if they can live much better at least I have samples that I can use for the project of my biotope native aquarium setup guys as you can see this mosquito fish are very big i will catch some sample this is the female and this is the female as you can see this is pregnant this is big maybe this is about 3.5 inches already in just one catch we have plenty of this mosquito fish imagine if you will feed this to your monster fish this are big enough this is male as you can see the color is nice the color of male is beautiful this is good in aquarium I want to have this one of my wild specie for my biotope setup someone gave us mosquito net we will try to use this although we are not taking this at home we will just catch some of them so that you can see how big are the mosquito fish in here as you can see they are really big they are very fat this are all jumbo breeders we will put them in a basin first i will catch the small one and release in the river we will remain the big one so this are my catch as you can see I put some in plastic bag I selected the big one and other in here is not needed anymore that’s why I will release them in the river so this is it we are done in here and this are the little children live in here so I will release the excess catch and that’s it guys we have so much fun in here catching this wild fish in this place as we can see the mosquito fish in here are very big and the children is also enjoying in our catches but I will not bring all the catches I will just select the good one for my biotope setup and guys thanks to all of you and I hope you also have some fun watching in here and see you again in our next episode only here at JBM Aquayard

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