Catching a Mid-Air Fish

Catching a Mid-Air Fish

Gav:Today we are
on the Illinois River.
Anyone die
doing this before? Nobody’s ever been killed.
Just a few broken jaws. Oh, joy. This is one of the most
mental things I’ve ever filmed. Gav:Dan, we got, like,
15 fish in the air.
Whoa! Flippin’-A! This is chaos. Whoa, whoa! Oof! That is one of my favorite
things we’ve ever filmed. Well, wasn’t that
a lovely day on the river? Well, I mean, for you.
You just sat on a boat
having a nice day. I was holding on
for dear life getting hit
in the face with fish. – Getting pelted. My ideal day.
– Oh, fine, yeah. – No, it was quite fun.
– My favorite clip, I think– I think the one of you
getting hit in the face. Whoa, whoa! Oof! – ( Gav laughs )
– Jesus. We honestly
couldn’t have asked
for a more perfect shot – That’s true.
– than that one that just
beaned you right in the head. – Yeah.
– And that is one
of my favorites. I also very much like
this shot.Something I noticed,and you can see it
if I zoom in,
as the fish lands
on your life jacket,
a little bit of poo.That is fish poo
coming out of there.
Dan:It left a smear.
It left a smear.
I wondered why I was getting
covered in stuff.
I’ve never been pooed on
by a fish.
Well, it’s all well and good
being hit in the face – with flying fish and pooed on.
– Well, it looks cool. – Yeah.
– But why are they jumping
out of the water? To find out, we spoke
to a bloke called Jason. So we might as well
start with the basics.
What makes these fish jump? Well, there’s a variety of different things
that can make fish jump.These fish are more
than likely jumping
to try and avoid what they
perceive as a predation threat,
something trying to eat them.What’s actually causing
them to respond
is the sound
and pressure waves
that are coming off
the hull of the boat
and, specifically,
the boat motor. – Interesting.
– So the fish weren’t
always here. They’re not native to America. They’re called Asian carp.
How did they actually
get here then? They were intentionally
introduced into southern
United States fish farms. As those ponds were drained,
some of the carp escaped.Anything that’s connected
to the lower Mississippi River,
which is one
of the largest rivers
in the western hemisphere,
they’re branching out
and expanding.
So what’s the worst thing
about them? – What kind of damage
do they do?
– From a social standpoint, they worst thing
they do is jump. People have been injured,
when a 6 to 16-pound fish comes crashing
into your person. Yeah. ( grunts, groans ) The ecological problems
that they cause have a lot of us
ecologists worried. They eat plankton and other
microscopic plants and animals that most of the fish
in the river depend on. Right, so they’re just, like– they’re nipping other fish
in the bud before– The worst case scenario is that
they keep spreading unchecked. So what can we do as humans
to maybe start fixing
this problem? The easiest thing to do
and the best thing to do
is actually to eat them. They taste good,
they’re good for you, and you don’t even have
to be a good angler
to catch them. They jump in your boat.
They volunteer. – It’s really the perfect fish.
– Wait, so they taste good, – they volunteer to be eaten.
– Yeah. You just need
to change the name. Just give it
a more glamorous name,
like a yum fish. Dan:
Yummy, yummy fish.
That’s it. All right, thanks very much,
Jason. Very informative. – My pleasure. Thank you.
– Thank you very much. All right,
back to you Gav and Dan. Thanks, us.
Well, you heard what he said. More people have got
to start eating these fish. Obviously, I thought
we’d do it our own way, so I thought
we’d slow cook them. – I like what
you’ve done there.
– Thank you. Very clever. Here, we gotta chef up. So while Dan is preparing
this delicious Asian carp, why don’t we take a lovely
slo-mo look at how we caught it? – All right, rolling again.
– All right, here we go. Whoa! Gav:
That was a good attempt. ( Gav laughs ) Gav:But you bend down here.Dan:You see, I was losing
my balance slightly
’cause I had to–Gav:And it just shot
straight from the middle.
– Dan:Getting my balance.
Oof. Gav:But the moment
I saw it hit you,
I zoomed in for the reaction.
It just…
Square on the face.
wiped you there.
Dan:It was fine, actually.
The helmet worked.
That, like,
proper wiped me out.
I was just gone there.Gav:Very nice.All right, if you scoop one
out of the air with a net, – that’s 150 points.
– That’d be boss. Yeah. All right,
let’s get back on. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – ( grunts ) Yeah!
– Oh, he got it! – He’s got it!
– I got him. Got a big one.( classical music playing )( music playing )Can you get off your phone
while we’re at dinner, please? Sorry.
I’m gonna go for the lemon. Oh, God. That’s pretty good. – Let’s have a taste.
– Solid. Tastes like fish. – Weird, that.
– Yeah, it’s good. Well, I think we learned
a lot about Asian carp today. Yeah. I like that I managed
to get revenge on the fish that hit me in the face
and pooed on me there. Oh, that’s the one you caught?
It came at you again
and you caught him. – Is that what happened?
– Yeah. Well, hopefully
you enjoyed that episode
of “Planet Slow Mo.” Be sure to check out
more episodes of the show, and subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys,
if you’d like. I’m just gonna
crack open my fish. Not real, sadly, that. – Ooh!
– Salt’s real. – Okay.
– I got a bone.

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