Catch N’ Cook Crayfish in Seattle

Catch N’ Cook Crayfish in Seattle

Today we’re in Seattle hunting for one of the lesser-known underwater creatures. The Puget Sound waters here are known for all kinds of life. Small jellyfish, you’ll find the giant Lion’s Mane jellyfish here. You’ve got small octopus. There’s even the world-famous Giant
Pacific Octopus. There’s even some little fish you’ve probably never seen. And some little crabs you’ve never seen either. And this spooky fish is a rat fish. It’s kind of weird-looking. It’s got a poisonous tail you don’t want to grab. But if you’re going to look for crawfish (call them crayfish, mudbugs) If you want to turn this, into this. It’s not going to happen in the Puget Sound. You’re going to need to go into fresh water. So today we’re diving in Lake Washington. Now the fresh water out here is known for weeds. And these weeds are called milfoil. You’ve got to go far enough out so the weeds aren’t growing anymore. And on the bottom, you need to know where to find these crayfish. So, you’re going to look for logs, fallen trees and in this guy’s case he’s trapped in fishing line. I didn’t have the heart to take him home but I did set him free. And when I did, you can see he can barely walk because he’s been trapped for so long. Here’s another guy that looks like he’s been drinking all night. I gave him a nudge. I don’t know if he’s hungover or what. But he sure doesn’t have much energy. So not the kind of crawfish I want to take
home. This guy’s got one claw. He’s fast he’s got a lot of energy but with one claw I’m gonna leave him be. Now here’s a couple of fallen trees on
the bottom. And I found a collection of pretty healthy specimens hiding around these trees. They definitely went in the bag. And you might have noticed that the species you find out here are a little bit larger than the ones you might find in Louisiana. Now this one’s a pretty good size but its colors all wrong and he doesn’t have much energy. Not something I want to put on the table. This is a real good size and he’s got a lot of energy. Don’t worry, I caught him and put him in the bag. Look at this guy! He’s trying to make a phone call on his Samsung Galaxy S-8. You know, I don’t think the reception is too good down here buddy. Anyway, his size is good so he also went in the bag. I put the phone in the bag too but it never came back to life. And once I collected about 15 or 20 of these, then I need to find my way home. So we’re going to go ahead and navigate our way through these weeds and get ourselves back. And when you get them back, you want to put them in fresh water and let them “purge”. That probably means exactly what you think. All the gunk has to come out of them. Then you want to rinse them off. And throw them in boiling water for about 15 minutes. I like to throw in a lot of garlic, some hot green chili peppers, a little bit of butter and any other spices that make you happy. And when they come out, they smell fantastic. Now I can’t show you what they smell
like in the video, but I can get you close enough to steam up my camera lens. These might be a little bit of work to eat, but they’re well worth it. The tails are super easy. And if you catch them big enough, the claws are worth breaking open too. Well I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for watching and happy hunting.

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  • Hello my friend, I have really been wanting to get into some crawfish, I’ve been putting in the hours and I’ve just not been able to get into any! I would love to pay to fill your air for you and to go out and have you possibly show me how to find some? I’ve been trying traps all up and down the Seattle side but can’t seem to find any! Of course you would also be welcome at the following boil 😉

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