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It’s Autumn and I have forgot my food at home, so I need to catch my own food … however I’m not a master at doing so, therefore I’ve brought with me two assistants, Axel and Linus … Axel who have competed during Sweden’s Youngest MasterChef. And some wood. New personal best!
– Congrats! Looks delicious. Perfectly cooked. With me, Linus and Axel. Both are friends, 13 and 14 years old from Göteborg. Axel competed in this year’s MasterChef, so if someone should be able to cook it should be you?
– Correct analysis. You need to cook a perch. Since you competed in MasterChef you must love to cook right?
– Sure! Of course. How did it go for you? I placed in the top 8. Over 700 people applied so it’s a decent placement. Sure is, how old are you?
– 13 years old. How will we cook the perch?
– We have some wood, so … we’ll make a fire, gut the perch, filling them with some butter and herbs of some sort. You’ve brought tinfoil with you?
– Yes. And potato?
– Yes. We’ve arrived to the first spot, a deeper edge from 6-10 meters. Saw quite a lot of bait fish or perch. Let’s start out selecting baits. Here are my boxes, be
free to chose whatever you’d like.
Gonna check your stash out. Plenty of cool stuff. I want to chose this Flatnose Mini, no idea what the color is. Yellow-ish. Great choice, caught plenty of big perch using that lure. Linus, what do you want?
– I want to try out the Flatnose, heard it’s a good bait. Or never mind, I want to try the Monkey Shad. Monkey Shads are located in this box.
– Let’s see. You’ve had good fishing on this lure?
– That’s a Flatnose Dragon, but go ahead it works great. No, I’ll use this Flatnose.
– Select whatever you prefer. I’l be using Flatnose Mini as well. 14 gram jig skull, the brand is SPRO. First cast for today, hoping for a big perch. There!
– You have one! Nice one. Get it up. Lovely! I was fishing along the bottom when I suddenly got hooked up. Suitable food fish. Check this sonar out, plenty of perch along the bottom. Off you go, fish along the bottom! Took on this Flatnose Mini in this yellow color, 14 gram jig head. For how long have we been fishing?
– Like 5 minutes. Fun?
– So fun! We need to catch more perch, that’s not enough for all of us. We sure will. Check this amount of perch out. This is where the jig went down. A good sonar allow you to see these stuff. This is where he fished, here a perch comes. Plenty of perch here. Fish on.
– Big? Feels heavy.
– Good we need fish for food. Looks really nice. It’s a pike.
– How fun! That’s a good pike for food.
– Can you cook pike? Felt a hard take. Lovely pike Axel!
– Not that big but nice colors. Good size for food. Awesome, give me five! I caught a perch.
– I’m also hooked up. This one looks quite ill. Is your’s nice? Nice one!
Lovely Axel! Decent perch.
– Almost personal best for you? Is it a new personal best?
– It is not, just under the limit though. 0.35 kg is your personal best?
– Yes. This one will be food, will be awesome. One more of those and we’re happy. Fish on. Decent size as well. I also caught a perch, so we have three perch and one pike for dinner. I want to catch more fish though … because these are quite small, and in order for us to get our bellies satisfied we need some more. Nice crayfish-perch, let’s keep going. Hooked up! Nice one?
– Believe so. Feels decent. It’s a really nice one! Get the net! Got it!
– Personal best! It’s super big! New personal best! How fun! Look how fat it is.
– Nice one. Took on this Flatnose Mini, same bait you’ve used for the entire day. How much do it weigh?
– A lot. Check out how nice.
– Big! Beautiful perch, congrats man!
– Thanks. Let’s measure it. Your previous personal best weighed?
– 350 grams. How long was it?
– 31 cm. This one is probably 40 cm. Let’s measure it. We’ll use the Perch Pro measuring board. The moment of truth.
– It’s 39 cm. Let go off the bag. It weighs 793 grams!
– The scale was tared. Exactly, so that’s the proper weigh. Should we eat it?
– No, too big. Too beautiful. Let’s release it.
– We sure will. You must be happy with that one.
– Certainly. I want to catch some more,
only caught a few small ones. You’ll catch a big one soon. What we’ll be doing now is to search for deeper parts during these colder periods. This lake holds an average depth of 5-6 meters and the deeper parts are around 10-11 meters. This is where we have found the fish. Casting along these edges and letting the bait bounce along the bottom. When fishing for perch over 10 meters of depth, it’s important to be cautious due to their swim bladder. We don’t need to worry about it though since we’ll eat them. The key for today has been to fish quite slowly, almost dragging the jig along the bottom. They seem to be quite inactive today actually. You two are from Göteborg and fish for species right? Exactly, like a bird-watcher. We basically collect species, size does not matter. How many species have you caught?
– 37. That’s good.
– I have 25. Our goal is to join the 50-club. It’s a club for people who have caught over 50 species in total. 37 species in just a year is quite good.
– Well done. You two are good fishermen. It has started to get windy, so we’ve headed to a more calm part of the lake. Soon we’ll enter the shore to cook. We won’t eat any pike – perch is enough. Will there be good food?
– Sure will. We’ll be gutting the perch. I’m feeling like a summer fisherman. Coming to the shore after a fishing session and examining the fish. It’s not wrong to eat perch. Just have to keep in mind not to eat the small or too big perch. These are perfect sizes to eat. What are you doing now?
– I’m washing them. They’re quite dirty. We’ll be gutting them and putting them on the grill. The perch have been gutted so we’ll start out with the filling. Horseradish butter. Milk free butter since I’m allergic. Let’s mix it together. We’ll be adapting the amount of butter for the fish. 2-3 tablespoons for each perch. Some horseradish as well. Tastes exactly like fresh. Two most important ingredients are salt and pepper. Peppermill is preferable. This pepper tastes a lot more than
the already done pepper. It develops a lot more flavour. Some salt as well. Taste to see if it’s enough. Keep the ingredients distributed equally. Fill the perch with this, and some dill. Foil them up and keep them over the fire. We’ll also eat boiled potatoes. We’ll also wrap them up in foil together with butter. Let’s get the potatoes done. Foil, potato. Butter, salt and pepper together with the potatoes. Then wrapping them up and placing them over the fire. It will be super tasty. Let’s fill the perch up with this mixture. Use your hands. You don’t need any sauce thanks to the butter. Wrap them up in folie. We’ll keep them on the fire for like 15 mintues?
– Right. 10 – 15. We’ll link this recipe in the description.
– Exactly. Let’s get it going I’m hungry. Time to taste!
– Will be joyful. Looks delicious.
– Grilled to perfection. This is good, perfectly cooked. Skin is so easy to peel off. First bite. A lot of flavour. Freshly caught, an hour ago. Can’t get any better. We’ll enjoy this dinner and catch you later. It has started to rain. I’m feeling very happy with this session, what do you guys think?
Super fun.
– Agree. What was the greatest moment?
– Personal best on perch. I caught a pike. What about the food?
– Super tasty. Recipe in the description. Don’t forget to smash the like button and subscribe for more videos. Nice meeting you, take care. High five!
– Bye bye!

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