Catalina Lobster Fishing

(lively music) (people chatter indistinctly) Gonna be full o’ lobster! (laughs)
Come on, Maurice! You even got help! – [Deck Hand] Stop. (loud flapping) – [Dan] I hear ’em. Whoa! Three legals I see. Yeah, three legals. – [Deck Hand] Where’s
that crate at? Where’s the crate, guys? – [Dan] That’s one limit. Thank you! Nice ones. – [Deck Hand] Three
legals, Shane! (pants heavily)
Keep going, Maurice! (laughter) He’s dying back there,
Maurice is dying back there, he’s not even
lifting the weight! Just think about
the wedding plans. 10? Don’t stop, don’t stop. – [Cynthia] Come on! – [Dan] About a
quarter of the way. Okay, stop, stop. There we go.
Are you fricking kidding me? – [Dan] Might be legal. – [Deck Hand] I don’t
think it’s legal. – [Dan] It’s a lot bigger
than the one I got. Legal.
Legal! It’s legal?
Yeah, legal. – [Dan] Show the cameras that
they’ll see how happy you are. (laughter) Good job!
Look at her! – [Deck Hand] Hold
it up! (laughs) Thank God! Let me help you. It’s all about teamwork
out here today. It’s all about teamwork. Got a whole bunch of friends
together on this trip. (people speak in
foreign language) Okay, stop, stop, stop.
Stop pulling! Whoa!
(people cheer) Whoa! It’s raining lobsters! Wow! There’s been, one hoop net, seven legals, and he had seven shorts
that we had to throw back. So happy! Congratulations! He’s done for the
day, no more for him! That’s his limit. Alright, congratulations.
Thank you! We’re gonna take a little
break from the action, when we return
aboard the Triton, I’ll be giving you this
week’s Tip of the Week. And this is what a
giant lobster looks like if you haven’t seen one before. Alright, nice job.

local_offerevent_note September 27, 2019

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