Carp Fishing with a fly rod on Church Pool – Nash Imitation Riser Bugs with Alan Blair – Kevin Nash

Well I’m absolutely not supposed to be up here It’s just gone 5.30pm and its been a long day at work I couldn’t help myself having come up here with Oli earlier To say it was black with them is an understatement It was just one of those days where everything had come up onto the surface The lake was like a millpond and there were just big black shapes swimming round really placidly To be honest if you’d have flicked some floaters out they would have been troughing straight away As a result of that I’ve gone and grabbed a fly rod and I’m going to give it half an hour Treat myself you know come up and catch a nice fish The wind has picked up a bit now and its not quite the millpond it was but we’ll have a little wander round I’ve got some Riser Pellet and some floaters with me I’m going to drift some down on the wind I’ve got my fly rod Lets see if we can catch some Well there are three fish drifting down here now I put the Riser Pellet in just a bit further up and they are starting to show some interest Lets make another cast Its great I can retrieve nice and quietly without disturbing them just picking the line up and dropping it back on their heads Perfect Well fish on It’s not a chunk but it is a very pretty fish and its such an exciting way to catch them It’s not an ideal situation for casting so I’ve had to pick my opportunity quite close in but yeah I’ve hooked one See that other mirror? See it? Following it? He’s a big one as well There’s three of them So what’s happening down there then? It’s that time of the year mate Spawning We both discussed earlier have they spawned or not I’m not sure it could be that they are going to have a second go They looked quite content earlier for such a warm day My money would be on if they hadn’t spawned they would be doing it today These are fish that are a bit excited by the battle and they have come in to have a little look what’s going on It’s certainly not normal behaviour for any other time of the year that sort of spawning activity And there you have it guys an absolute cracker from Church Pool This is actually one of the stockies that Kevin put in October 2012 As you can see it’s doing just fine eating away on that Nash Bait This time sadly its tripped up on an imitation Riser Bug cast on a fly rod A bit of fun on an afternoon after work Like I said I just couldn’t help myself as I saw so many fish up here earlier just lazing around in the sun I had to come up and have a little go myself Love it Brilliant

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