**Carp Angling Championship** Tom Carey VS Brandon Crane (S1E1)

**Carp Angling Championship** Tom Carey VS Brandon Crane (S1E1)

in this our debut episode you’ll see two
of the more better looking characters at the tournament competing to advance the
first semifinalist and without further ado we’ll let the tournament begin desperate times, use your power handle and
wreck it! genius mate, absolute genius I don’t know really, very snidely got here first and Nicked
the better peg but I guess that’s my own fault for being late… I reckon there is gonna
be a couple of fish caught. both on the fish so, so yeah.. F**K off Bee.. that’s
been in what 15 minutes a little cast out at them showing fish as well.. feels like a.. oh no that’s gonna be a bream, in it. Nahh, That’s a Carp.. Be a f**king massive one if it is, HA.
14-pound bream I think I’d still be happy with that.

Mate. That’s not even that big..
No, but that was a decent fight.
Yeah it was.. Happy to get off the mark, lovely.
I literally, couldn’t give a s**t if it was like 10lb.. Yeah. 9lb 11… Bee you’ve gotta catch up.
I’m Trying, Not hard, But I’m trying. He’s alright for a little fish, in it.
Happy Days. Happy days, well he gets here an hour late,
gets his rods in the water and 15 minutes later he’s into his first fish…
what can I say he’s doing well. Can’t say i’m too happy about it though.
Nahh he’s on the fish, and there is bound to be more show up. so I need to pull my finger out..
if he carries on the way he’s going it could be a clean sweep with a large gap..
Could be in with some luck, but that’s what I need luck.. go on you c**t, I can feel it against
a branch. Oh God, my arm. Okay Jesus that was an absolute conundrum.. Fine mate, you got a little bit of deeper
water there so I’d rather the fish be safer! f**king lovely (DANCES).
Lovely mate, thank you very much 19lb and 10oz, Ooo.. see that? (Flips bird) Didn’t expect that.. well after that change of
circumstance I’d like to say I think I’m going to advance to the semi-finals…
it only takes a scraping double-figure fish and everything’s changed again,
what Tom’s doing is basically just the same as what I’m doing…
there’s nothing really wrong with what he’s doing he’s on the fish
likewise for myself it’s only a matter of time it just takes one of the fish to
actually pick up one of the base you just matters whose it is.. since you you brought yours
well see mine wasn’t the biggest fish in the world so I wasn’t overly confident
with being nine pound ahead since you’ve caught yours I feel like I if I don’t
catch in the night even if you don’t if I don’t catch in the night, I think it’s done..
I would have bought my third rod, I wish I’d done that. I was trying to just go as
light as possible but I wish I bought my third rod, that’s what I’ve definitely
change.. and then it just hit the deck Oh mate it’s here.. It’s a F**KING BREAM, in it.. no NO, Noooo, you f**k, you horrible, ugly, slimey f**k… WAHH WAHH WAHH… oh their horrible, ain’t they?! look at it?!… oh it stinks

Ugh.. Wahh wahh WAHH that’s absolute.. that’s staying,
i’m gonna leave it in the water..
..The sling has been verified by our lovely assistant, Mark 15.14..
yeah mate, I’m happy with that, 15.14. yeah!

Oh mate, I’m happy with him. Bosh! lovely, lovely times.. As Alan Blair
would say. Tom had me up at 6, because of a fish… I can’t believe I’ve woke up and He’s had me..
And nothing, I’ve had nothing through the night… Disappointed. but he’s done well. I knew he was gonna
have another fish in the night I thought I was going to but nothing came it. but it was
still talking about things can change Say he’s only a few pound ahead so it only takes
me a fish but I don’t think it’s gonna come. well we’ll bring this session to a
finish knowing now that Tom Carey advances as our first participant into
our first semi-final… there are still three more quarterfinals to go, six
hungry participants for the championship as Tom moves on to the later stages of
the competition.

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