Big Mullet on #4 Fly rod – Grande Taínha numa cana #4 de Fly fishing

welcome to another fishing video In this video I’m going fishing with Bread Fly Made by a friend of mine Fernando Silva This fly here And what am I trying to do? Is a day with a lot of wind and I will not be able to make big casts even more with this #4 set, is very small This is a bet between me and Fernando Because the set is so light that it would not hold a Mullet Let’s see if I can handle it or not. What did I do? Was casting parallel to the shore, about 2 meters In the part where it begins to stay deep The Mullet are in the transition from the less deep part to the deeper part And this part makes an L There is a big rock in front This rock cuts the current and sends the current to the middle of the river Which brings the water back here and this is the best spot In front of this rock we have less 1.5 meters deep What does that mean? The water when it arrives there finds a barrier Go up and go to the middle of the river This less deep part has rocks with many holes And in those holes is where the largest Mullets are And if it would be very easy for me to catch several medium-sized mullets Which many people already consider large but of medium size in top water in the deeper part My goal was not this I was trying to cast as far as possible to reach the rock And then try to catch a big one A resident Mullet who stays here all year even in winter They are swimming by the holes of these stones I will not be able to cast there, it’s too much, 15 to 20 meters The problem is not the set but the wind But it was really windy So I took a different approach instead of throwing far that is always ideal I tried to go behind and hide behind the rock. And cast as close as possible to the rock Because they will be by the rock but don´t let them see you Because if they see you they no longer attack the fly they will run away so throw near the rock and let the current carry your fly the current will drag to the middle your fly hide and give line and with some luck we will catch one Mullet that was our goal and was done with sucess even more with a Barbless hook with this small set hope you like the video Is good easy Nice torpedo I do not know where I’m going to take it. it is strong This is going to be complicated. but is fun And if I take it even better easy please I am with a Barbless hook It’s right on the lip If I chatch this Mullet is going to be miracle miracles happen Maybe if I can get the Mullet there come here please don´t escape I think I’ll be able to catch her almost this is a bigger Mullet much bigger let´s see what we have here easy easy Beautiful fish in Fly Fishing is great I am tired Barbless hook do the work bread fly some photos and release beautiful mullet there she goes

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