Ben Wolfe – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – End of June

It’s the end of June, we’ve got some awesome
angling opportunities all across the state. Bass fishing is big for us up here in Michigan. We’ve got topwater options on inland lakes
as well as the big waters – Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Saginaw Bay
as well as Grand Traverse Bay. Great bedding fish still on the bigger bodies
of water – the late part of the spawn. The topwater action is a lot of fun. Additionally, we also have some great options
for the hex hatch. For the river anglers that are looking to
get out on fly, river angling for brown trout, these might be some of the biggest trout you’ll
see all year. The hex hatch is upon us. The big mayflies – those are the granddaddies
– and trout really go nuts for those. Both rainbows and brook trout as well as the
big brown trout. Get out on the rivers, give the hex hatch
a try, and you’ll do well.

local_offerevent_note November 18, 2019

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