Beach Fishing for Beginners: 3 Simple Ways to Catch Fish!

80 thoughts on “Beach Fishing for Beginners: 3 Simple Ways to Catch Fish!”

  • I’ve just gotten into fishing about a month ago and have been watching a lot of videos. You’ve videos have helped me the most and I really like how conservative you guys are about the environment. Thanks a lot. Fish on!

  • I moved to San Diego almost 2 years ago, I've always been into fishing/camping/hiking but stopped after high school. Now I'm trying to get back into it and your videos have been greatly helpful, thank your so much! Only problem is I could not find your Senko Fishing Kit on your website, I was only able to find the PDF downloads (which I got and printed and then laminated). Please, if you know of a new link or if there is more being ordered I would like to get one

  • I like kastking prods but honestly a 5000 size reel for "light" tackle fishing? And here i am using a size 1000 okuma…

  • I really like your videos, and talk about the salty squid. Can you give me your website so I can order some?

  • Hey Senko. I would like to buy the high low rig kit, but when i go to your online store i only see a downloadable version of instructions and not the kit. Unless i am looking in the wrong place

  • Your videos are awesome!! Thanks for your videos and helping out on my fishing IQ.. I’ve caught more fish thanks to you

  • What do you think about adding a sliding sinker to a light spoon to get more distance. Would it mess with the action? Im thinking of using a leader with the sinker on the main line.
    Im going to try it but Id like to hear your opinion.
    Your videos have motivated me to get out and fish and I actually caught a striper on a sandworm yesterday. I didnt have a measuring tape so i released it but im sure it was 20+ inches.
    Anyway thanks for the knowledge and entertainment! ✌🏽

  • I’m impressed with this video . You have covered all the bases..Being a retired pro photographer(ERIN) it would have been a super video if you could have shown all three methods in action to add to your photography,,It’s just the way I think . Stay with us your family.. Beautiful CC sunset & great tripod work .👍🏿

  • What is that line reeling device? I find myself using a pencil or pen and holding the reel with my feet!!!! What you have looks so practical!!!!!

  • I saw a video that said theres a certain way to reel your’e spool, to prevent line twist and tangle. Cool device

  • I love all of your demos so thank you. Would you consider doing one of these targeted specifically to New England shore fishing?

  • Do you have any affiliation with Kastking ? You should try runcl braid line it’s awesome for casting and I think it’s better then powerpro I have been casting plugs in the canal and noticed a huge increase in distance

  • Best channel for showing good information and practical techniques. Just started watching and I'm already sharing it with friends! A+!

  • hey bro you talked a lot about helping the others but I'm sad I had asked you a lots of question in most of your videos but your not answering often, anyway I where wondering if you could learn us how to tied those types to the main line, If that's okay with you ??

  • Lets tell the world aka earth to stop producing the ingredients that create plastic cause its bad mmmkay🤣

  • Thank you so much for your videos, currently living in the Philippines and needed some help. Can't wait to get stateside and buy your product.

  • Thank you so much for this videos.can you please made a video about only 3 rods and reels with all size of fish from 1kg to 80 kg fish. I know its too much to ask but many people can't afford all rods and reels i think 3 rods and reels will be atleast they can afford.thnx and keep up the good work!🖒🖒

  • Thanks for your excellent videos!! Just getting into fishing after 77 years so your experience and willingness to share is perfect for me.
    While I just bought a 23' Grady white center console I still have an interest in surf fishing. Maybe you might cover boat fishing? Trolling and bottom fishing? If you need a boat, let me know.

  • I love fishing but I just can’t seem to get consistent results. I live in Costa Mesa so I mostly fish Newport harbor. I’ve been going a couple nights a week for the last 6 months or so and sometimes I’ll catch a few little bass but sometimes I literally catch nothing. I’m talking about spending a solid 2-3 hours with 0 results. I’ve been experimenting with different spots, different tides, different bait and it’s always so random if I’m able to have any luck or not. One day a specific setup will produce great results and under very similar conditions another time I’ll have no luck. So far all I do is fish from shore but I’m looking into buying a little kayak or dingy so I can cruise around the harbor. I’m sure that will change things quite a bit. Also if Anyone lives in the area let me know if you’re down to hit the harbor sometime i always go by myself but I’m down to meet some new people

  • Nothing pisses me off more man when ppl leave trash and shit around our beaches man. I have yet to see a mother fucker do that in front of me but I have picked up other ppls trash man shit is frustrating as hell yo. But I have a reel similar to the first one you showed about throwing those smaller spoons and I run 80 lbs braid 😂😂 over kill man

  • Luv the videos!!!! I live in Dallas and hit up Galveston alot…your tips sure help….been fishing since i was a kid but getting real serious about now….i follow you and a few others and luv all the videos……Sad about rollover pass….caught some good stuff there….any thanks bro i enjoyed it…

  • Good show fam. If u ever read this message plz hit me up n let me kno what’s the best advice for fishing off shores in Puerto Rico. What time of gear n equipment am gonna need. I have a channel am about to start out there when I get there is gonna be funny ass hell🤪. No worries I’ll still be a fan. U kno ur shitt pretty good. I have a house out there so u can come n join me for a week of the best fishing trip of ur life. Thanks for all the love and support u n ur family share with us ur audience . Keep it clean n keep it safe.👍

  • Hi Senko Skipper from Perth Australia , love watching your videos with you and your girl. Your great people and you give a lot of value to people …

    Great job mate .

  • Hey skipper. Please can you tell us how far a light lure(.75-1punce) can cast on a cheap rod. Maybe some different types of small synthetic fish ,jig heads etc. thankyou.

  • Thank you for all the information. What is the size of the pe line you are using for hooks and could i use the cast line instead for sea fishing?

  • Hey, do you have any suggestions on how to back your spool up with mono and then braid so that you end up with a full spool with minimal waste and casting obstruction please?

  • This is my second video watching you and love it man I’m brand new to beach fishing and I’m learning so much thanks.

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