Basic Leather Working : Learn About Angling in Leather Working

Basic Leather Working : Learn About Angling in Leather Working

Okay, now some single action tools can be
struck in the same way, vertically. So, perfectly vertically, like this. This is actually a
tool called the veiner which is used in doing a lot of floral or botanical designs. You
can strike it straight up and down, like that vertically, and get the full impression of
that stamp there. Many of these types of single action tools, some of these more abstract
patters like veiners, and this is called a camouflage tool, this is called a backgrounder,
seed tool. We’ll go through these one by one. A lot of these can get different effects if
you have it at an angle, and for some parts of your design you might want to have it at
an angle. So, for example, let’s take the veiner again. The one we just did this full
impression of; and we’ll notice that if we actually have it at an angle and whack it once, there?s a different look to
it. We’ve sort of lost the tips of the design here; it has more of a horseshoe look where
it’s been driven in. You can put this at any different angle. We can try it at the other
angle here, more like this. Now we’ve gotten rid of this sort of edge, and we have these
two toes. Let’s try it with the camouflage tool. If we have it perfectly vertically,
we get a fish scale or a clam shell look here. Let me try one over here. I hit it more than
once, but I didn’t let the tool move. That’s why it’s still a single action tool because
it’s not moving. There’s that fish scale, clam shell look to it. But again, if i don’t
hold it straight up and down; if hold it at a bit of an angle, let’s try it like this.
You can see, it has a different look to it; it has more of a rounded look here. I’ve lost
this crisp edge. Just to be thinking about how you can use single action tools straight
up and down, if you want to get the whole design, like some of these that we did here,
or angled. Get more subtle pieces of that design that’s on that single action tool.

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  • Hello there, I have a project that I'm working on at home, just for fun, where I want to make a custom, sewn-leather shift boot, E-brake handle cover and boot, and steering wheel covering, all out of some choice leather that I can buy by the square foot. Where do you think I might be able to learn how to do this? What tools do I need? What kind of shop would carry these kinds of supplies so that I can go buy them? Thanks in advance,


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