Atlantic salmon fly   …(Salmon fishing Norway)

Atlantic salmon fly …(Salmon fishing Norway)

hi again from Norway. dry fly fishing for
salmon I’ve never caught a salmon with a dry fly I’m testing this Puputupuna-fly. But the pool is empty so enough talking.
Hi. It’s Anni from Kajana Club as mentioned this is my first attempt to
catch Atlantic salmon on a dry fly and oh boy what did eventually happen
but first let’s see how it’s supposed to be done okay back to the mission dry fly salmon. For salmon fishing Norway all the fishing gear needs to be disinfected
to protect this precious Atlantic Ocean salmon population from a parasite that
lives in the souther waters so first we did that. Last night we started fishing
and I accidentally… not not accidentally and I
I caught a first salmon with traditional in in Finnish this is Sarvijaakko… I wonder
what’s the English name actually I better check it out now it’s all wet and
messy looking fly so the idea of the trip I’ll test some
dry fly fishing for salmon from now on I don’t know why my head starts to hurt
I mean not not like a headache I my forehead the skin gets so somehow
irritated always on these trips okay enough with the foreheads now did the
Atlantic salmon fly work did I catch anything with salmon dry fly well just
watch this three minutes left in the fishing
license I thought I’ll do one more cast and there’s my fly so I think it’s time
to call it awesome trip which has officially ended now and now you get out
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