Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing – Best Of

10 thoughts on “Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing – Best Of”

  • If ur from a other country u have to hire a guide so that sucks so if u need someone to hold ur hand an police ur every move an they don’t trust u to have enough responsibility to take care of ur catch .right u can spend $1000 of dollars in gear,plane trip tickets ,food lodging .cape Britain island know they now how t9 treat other fly fisherman A

  • What great video what beautiful looking water to be able to fish but I think it must cost a good bit of money to fish there but like that man says when you count the number of salmon caught your be getting more fish for your buck compaired to other rivers and that the way to look at it I would love to fish a place like this maybe if win the lottery but there again I would just buy a float plane and go were you please thanks for the videos well made as usual great to see you enjoying with your daughter she will remember that place for a long time.

  • Mr McKeown, May I ask what size Blue charm and your other pattern choices you put on the cork were for this film? They look like maybe 6 or 8?

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