ASMR Spicy Seafood Noodles 해물라면 먹방 NO TALKING EATING SOUNDS

Hi! My lovely Hongsi~♡ Today is seafood noodles made by Hongyu
with a lot of seafood Coca-Cola for rinsing out my mouth~ I like to eat coke when I eat ramen Yay~ cool I put abalone and shrimp on the skewer Maybe the shrimp is fresh, so I can feel the sweet taste Do you enjoy to eat abalone in Hongsi’s country, too? Abalone is a popular seafood in Korea In Korea, abalone is cooked with porridge,
baked with butter, or eaten raw What kind of seafood do Hongsi like best? Jeez~ soooooorry! It tastes great! Good~~! Ramen is Ottogi’s JinJjambbong of Korea It has chili oil, so it tastes hot and spicy,
In addition the noodles have a good texture Mmm~~♪ As expected, JinJjambbong tastes good
with seafood Whole squid I’ll cut it off to eat From the legs of the squid, yum-yum So chewy Shrimp Peeling is a bother, but it has a taste of that value Shall we try the soup? It tastes great because it’s boiled with seafood!!!!! Mmm! I also added enoki mushrooms Isn’t enoki mushrooms all delicious in any food? I’ll eat ramen with bean sprouts Bean sprouts seem to make the soup
nice and awesome In Korea, bean sprouts are often eaten the next day
after drinking to relieve hangover Whole abalone eaten all the way to the insides Abalone must be cleaned well at the same time
as removing its teeth Abalone is delicious even if it is baked with butter~
Isn’t that right? Sooner or later, I’ll make it myself to eat Many people are curious about the recipe I don’t have enough time to shoot and upload the recipe after work (ಥ﹏ಥ) If I can afford it next time, I’ll be sure to shoot it together
(*・ω・)ノ In Korea, we make kimchi with cucumbers Do Hongsi like Kimchi? The shell of abalone is not to be eaten When making cucumber kimchi, we add garlic chives The soup keeps splashing over my face.
I’ll wipe it off and come back Tada! This is the last food left Wow! Today, I ate so deliciously Hongsi, thank you for watching today too! lol I Love you all~ Haha

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