King crab……! I’ll put tap water in the king crab and knock it out.🥺 Clean King Crab with a Toothbrush! Done! (Continued Escape…) Not a chance. I cut the octopus’ head, and it’s not living, it’s reflexive. I’ll rub it tightly with flour, and then rinse it in cold water! Fish and shellfish I think something is going to happen. antiwar attraction Wipe the scallops with a toothbrush! The keystone opens when you cut off the coffin. It’s dirty… Total Material…! It’s not like this, but there’s also pollack eggs and sardines.😚 (It’s frozen. We need to defrost it in the water.) I’ll steam the fish in the steamer and put it in the seafood stew! Seafood Steam Seasoning: 10 teaspoons of red pepper powder, 3 teaspoons of liquid sauce, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of flavoring, 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic, half spoon of chopped ginger and a bit of pepper. Done! Hello, everyone. I’m SULGI. Today’s menu is Seafood Steam and King Crab! I put in kijamgae, scallops, abalone, octopus, octopus, shrimp, pollack, egg of pollack, and pollack. I’ll enjoy it.^^ My first mouth is always an octopus. It’s too big! …..!!! I was surprised because it was so delicious! This time, Myeongtae’s egg! ….!!!!!! What is this? Myeongtae’s Jeongso! It’s so soft and delicious… The octopus! Now I remember hearing that the longest legs are the dirtiest. But I ate it deliciously. Shrimp! Foreigners are very surprised to eat shrimp with their shells on! I like it because it is well seasoned.😚 Pickled radish Scallops! The scallops must have eaten a lot. Let’s fight, Abalone. …!!!! The abalone is really delicious. King crab! I tried to imitate others. (A shocking taste…) I think I need to wear gloves. My hands are sore. (My heart aches) Eating your favorite seafood stew with king crab. I slept all the time today. eggs of pollack This time, I’ll mix the rice and try it too!!! ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rice is the best. a bird’s-eye view Now it’s your turn… (…….) ᅲ Sweet radish is fresh. the abalone loved by the octopus I love abalone, too. (The octopus is a food that must be chewed on for a long time.) A S M R King crab opening… My face is gone. This time, I’m going to put a shrimp on… I’m full. Thank you for coming today. I love you.♡

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