I’ve got a description here! This topic is so deep, I don’t even know where to start. We’re gonna talk about fish today! Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Sorry Balazs, but not today! Why not? Welcome to the beautiful world of fish! Oh yeah! This is a big topic and we have another video on that actually on this channel, with Jurijs and Gyula Pasaréti, a famous Hungarian fishkeeper. Check that out, we’re gonna link that in the description. We have all the names of all the fish in the descriptions under each video. We will try to answer all the comments below this video. If you have any question about fish, – it’s not we, it’s gonna be Lory actually, because he knows everything about fish. So if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below this video. [Background] The fish have arrived! Oh yeah, let’s go, get the fish! 500 fish! Alright, so we have two boxes of fish actually. I’m gonna make room for them and we’re gonna place the box on the table. Oh, you already put it! [Lóri] Yeah! We do receive some comments from time to time, accusing us maybe, or just asking us, whether we take the need of the fish into consideration, when we’re building, or maintaining a planted tank. And I want to talk about that just a little bit. Aquascaping is about the harmony of the hardscape, plants and fish. All of these are equally important. So we will try to create an ecosystem, which is suitable for fishkeeping, it’s suitable for having healthy fish on the long run. What kind of fish do you want to choose for your planted tank? I want to talk about four aspects here. The first aspect is the color. So what is the best color for fish in an aquascape? What would you say? I think it depends on the hardscape and also depends on the plants. [Balazs] Yes! Do you want the fisht to contrast the layout? The hardscape, as Lóri said. Do you want the fish to blend in? The second aspect, however, is the size. So what size of fish is suitable for a planted tank? I’m always saying that I don’t want to choose big fish in a layout, because then the layout itself would appear smaller. The third is the fish habits. So behavior is really important. Do you want fast movement, shoaling fish in your tank? Or you just want fish, that are a little bit more static, to accentuate the calmness of the layout. Do you want fish, that swim in the upper area if your tank, or you want to have fish, that swim in the lower area. Or you want some bottom dwellers, like Corydoras – the little dwarf catfish. [Lóri] And they are also useful, not just moving on the bottom. And the fourth aspect would be the shape of the fish. If you’re doing a contest tank and if you’d like to accentuate the dynamics of the layout, you can choose fish that are longer – they look more dynamic. And if you want to accentuate the calmness of the layout, you can choose fish, that are kind of roundish, so they would look better in a very calm layout. How many fish can you use in a tank? That was another question. There’s somebody coming! Do we need to open that? Some more fish are coming? What’s happening? [Lóri] I don’t think so. So how many fish can you use in a planted tank? Well, you can use as many as you want and as many, as your filter can cope with. It’s already done? Yeah! You have everything! Alright, so how many fish can we use? We’re discussing about the number of fish in a tank and I’m always saying that filtration is the most important thing. [Lóri] Guys, it’s really important, when you buy these fish, you know, it’s not the final size. So try to calculate with the fish later growing bigger and producing more waste. You can only introduce the fish, when the filter is cycled. So when you set up a new tank, you really have to wait at least three weeks, or more, until your filter cycles. If you have used the startup bacteria for the filter, obviously the filter will cycle quicker. We say, that the second week you can put in the algae eaters, and when all the algae is gone, later you should try to put in the other fish. The community fish for example, or any other fish that you want. But if you can wait a longer time, it’s better. The longer, the better. And actually algae eaters are very important and I’m glad that you mentioned them, because you really need to cope with the algae, that comes at the beginning of the lifecycle of the tank. Okay, so let’s talk about the algae eating crew! We have a number of fish, that we prefer here, at Green Aqua. For me, probably the best algae eaters are the Amano shrimp and the Siamese algae eater. Another very good fish is the Otocinclus Affinis, which can eat the brown algae. And the other one, that I really like is the Clithon corona snail, which can eat… [Lóri] The dust. And the black brush algae. – Also the black brush.
– And the green dust algae. Yeah and the green spot algae also. What are you doing now? [Lóri] I’m just helping Ati! Oh, you can like tear that? Yeah! What are you doing, you tear it? Yeah, because it’s a very tiny pack and… Oh so then you do a knot in the beginning, and then you bend it over, right? It is a double bag! So it’s a double bag, right? Cool! How do you transport the fish? So when you buy a fish at Green Aqua, what do you do with them? We usually pack small fish together. So it’s not good, if you put together small fish and big fish. If you travel far, we can put some Oxygen in the bag, that’s okay for one day. In this cold weather we need to keep them warm too. How do we introduce the fish in the tank? This is a big topic and you guys are gonna see, when we unpack these, we’re doing basically the same thing. First of all, the temperature needs to be the same. And for that reason, you need to put the bag inside the tank and just let the temperature equalize. And also, you need the water parameters to equalize, which means that you need to punch little holes. It is better for the two waters to mix and you shouldn’t be afraid of bringing in any diseases together with the water. [Lóri] If you’ve got any problem with the fish, it doesn’t matter, if you put this water in your aquariums, or not. There’re no parasites in the water, that are not on the fish. Without the fish, yeah! Alright, the colors of the fish. So you have to know, that when fish are stressed, – and obviously a transportation will always bring stress to the fish – they’re gonna look a little bit worse. More worse! A lot more worse! If you have the same pale colors after a couple of months, you have to be sure that you’re doing something wrong. Which means that you’re not feeding the fish with proper food, or they have some problems with Oxygenation, or something stresses them. We use Dennerle food, the Color Booster, Hikari’s Micro Pellets. And Hikari’s Micro Pellets, and we use a third Dennerle product. Yeah, there’s Dennerle Gourmet Menu. Maybe twice a week, I also use frozen food. It’s also important guys, don’t forget it! What about live food? Would you recommend that? I think the frozen food is better, because of the parasites… Also, it’s better to keep. Cause I remember those worms in my toilet… Yeah! …in my childhood, I don’t know. That’s why I don’t like… My mom stepped in: “Ayy, what’s that?” What about the bottom feeders? We also have two types of food from Hikari. One for algae eaters and one for other types, for example catfish. Alright, so algae eaters need plant-based nutrition, so they obviously have a different composition. I feed our fish every day, excluding the weekend. [Balazs] It’s good to starve a little bit sometimes. Yeah, the weekend is for the diet. Diet time! Yeah, okay! Please be confident guys, to feed your fish daily at the beginning. After like six months, you can stop feeding them daily and feed them every other day. [Lóri] But it also depends on the kind of the fish. There are some fish that need daily feeding, like the bigger fish, or something. Yeah, for example. How much do you give them? My rule of thumb is that I give them enough food, so that they can eat it in about 2-5 minutes. Usually I start with disconnecting the filter. That’s important, because I think it’s easier to feed your fish. I think you don’t want to run, while you eat your lunch for example. Sure! I start by feeding small portions, that they can eat in about a few seconds, not more. So you just feed them. [Lóri] Yeah, I wait a few seconds and I repeat it. Everything that we’re talking about here, is a rule of thumb. Okay? So this is like a general idea and don’t blame us, if your fish die. What do you do, when you have algae eaters, and you have no algae. Sometimes I can see they can eat the normal granules also, but the sinking tablets for example are also good. For the algae eaters, it’s important that it’s plant-based. So what would you say, how long can we comfortably go away from our fish and starve them to death? So if your fish are in a good shape, it’s possible not to feed fish for one week. What about my grandma, because usually people ask their grandmother. You told them not to overfeed them, but they usually do. You can put some portions to… Oh, like do it in advance for them! Yeah, yeah! Not more, yeah! In those portions would you pack more, or would you pack the same amount, like you usually feed them. Maybe I think less is better. Maybe grandma can’t turn off the filter for example, and the filter will suck it in… Grandma can’t turn on… I was just… I was picturing it, like what would grandma do? Let’s talk about the lifespan of the different fish. [Lóri] Usually the small kind of community fish for example live between 3-5 years, the smaller shrimp about 2-3 years… [Balazs] Okay! The snails? About the same time. Alright, so what would be the longest living tropical fish, that we have here and we sell here at Green Aqua, what type of fish? [Lóri] For example the Corydoras. [Balazs] Oh yeah, they could live probably 16 years! [Lóri] About that, I’ve heard of it. Okay, so what about the fish, that jump? We don’t really like these types of fish. Can you name one? Dermogenys pusilla. Okay, it’s a beautiful little fish, and I really like it, but I don’t really want to use it in a planted tank. If the water quality is good, if they feel good, they will not jump out of the tank. And obviously you don’t want to fill up the tank to the top. Let’s talk about the Amano shrimp trying to escape. I heard a very interesting story about that. They’ve been living in ponds in the nature. When the ponds dry out, they tend to migrate to another pond. What you see is that they’re trying to go to another tank, because they’re probably getting bored, or whatever. What we say here at Green Aqua, is that they just want to go back to Japan. It’s important, that you need to keep good water parameters. Yeah! If the water is cool, then it’s… And the other thing, what I think it’s important, is feeding them. Because if they don’t have any food, then they’re gonna try to find a more favorable tank. People were asking me to do a Cychlid tank. Well we’re not gonna do a Cychlid tank, because we cannot put plants in it, so it’s not possible, to do it. I’m trying to find only one type, a main type of fish in a tank, because I really like the minimalist style. So I want to have one type. But if you want to have two or three types, this is a good thing. You’ve got some fish, that would compensate each other quite well. So for example in Tommy’s tank, – a 120P beautiful Iwagumi -, you have the Ember tetra together with the Rasbora Kubotai. And one of them is red and the other one is a green fish. These two go together quite well. Or for example, if you have got one kind of community fish, that are not brave, you can mix them with another kind of community fish. So they would come out from their hiding place? Alright, so “these guys know what they’re doing!” “It must be safe, so let’s go out!” If you build an Iwagumi, that has no hiding places, what happens then? Would they be stressed? [Lóri] No, because I think the community fish, they don’t need hiding places. [Balazs] Who needs a hiding place? For example the catfish. The catfish will probably need, they will probably disappear. Yeah! Let’s talk about the temperature, because that’s another question, that I always get. Tap water is really cold during the winter, so if we don’t wait for that, to go back to room temperature, you can stress any types of fish. [Lóri] Yeah! We don’t change the water with GH 0… For a GH 3 tank, as then fish are gonna be super stressed and they’re just gonna die, because of the temperature change and because of the water parameter change. Obviously, when you’re changing 50% of the water weekly, you’re not gonna have problems with that, because the GH will not fall down to zero. Okay, so let’s talk about the fish health in a planted tank! Some of you guys have told us, that you have problems with fish in your tanks. Here at Green Aqua, for some reason, we don’t have so many sick fish. Also it’s because of the TwinStar, I think. It helps a lot! TwinStar is sold and advertised, as a water sterilizer, so I’m really happy, that we don’t have that problem here, at Green Aqua. We do have some fish arriving here that look sick and Lóri is good enough, to identify all these problems and the biggest thing that you can do, is to know, what kind of disease you have. Whether it’s a fungus, or it’s a bacterial infection, or it’s the “Dara-kór” – I don’t know the English name, we’re gonna put that here… Probably it’s white spot… White spot disease? Alright, so the white spot disease. I think that we have promised you, to do the unboxing video for this. But the light died and it’s already too late, and it’s already we’re there 15 minutes into this video. So I think that we’re gonna continue this video the next week, so you’re gonna see the unboxing. And I promise you, these fish will not stay here for a week. Hit that like button, if you like what we did here with Lóri! Thanks again for your help! You’re welcome! We’ll see you next week! Bye! Bye! What I forgot to tell you, is that we’re gonna come back in two weeks with this unboxing video, not in one week, because next week, you’re gonna see the ADA workshop. I’m really excited for Daichi Araki and the ADA, having a good workshop here. So stay with us for that!


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