Aquarium Fish DEAD Top 10 FASTEST Ways to KILL Your AQUARIUM FISH

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well look I’ve killed fish
you’ve killed fish we’ve all killed fish but these are my top ten fastest ways to
kill your aquarium fish ways to kill your fish quickly avoiding the nitrogen
cycle and not letting the beneficial bacteria build up you gotta let it build
up folks people try to rush their tanks they get
too many finish too quickly in their aquarium everyone’s acting like a 14
year old boy on a date go slow take your time ask me about my first five gallon
aquarium which had both black and hot neon eighties pink gravel in it along
with a no fishing side where I added five goldfish to it too quickly I
immediately killed three of them going too quick take your time let the
nitrogen cycle work for you folks my number 10 while number nine fastest way to kill
your aquarium fish quickly using pink gravel
all right folks now pay attention now we’re getting to the tricky part tricky
part is getting rid of the pink rabbit now pink gravel has been known to cause
both birth defects and cancer in young children so you want to be real careful
with this pink gravel remember friends don’t let friends use pink gravel so
we’re gonna take your mom’s dustpan we’re gonna make sure she’s not around
we’re gonna use a crappy dustpan if we got it on we’re gonna scoop the gravel
out of the bottom of the magic here my number eight fastest way to kill your
fish quickly you buy a fish that doesn’t go with all of your other fish check out
my pissed off fish video you buy a fish called a green terror and no lose those
who woke up and wanted to kill all my fish you buy a fish called a red devil
and you wonder what happens when it kills all of your other fish in your
aquarium ask me about the time my buddy jolly and I I’ve encouraged him to do it
you bought a one-foot long red-tailed catfish and drop that sucker in a 75
gallon at night by Sunrise he did eaten half of his beautiful cichlids including
a breeding pair man and going to an – puked everything up number eight buying
fish that will kill all your other fish one of the seven fastest way to kill
your fish buying fish do not match the current water parameters of your
aquariums I love rummy nose tetras I love tetras I
love schooling tetras I love redfish however I am not keeping rummy nose
Tetris in this aquarium why because runny nose Tetris like a lower pH and
they like warmer water I run cooler tanks I run a slightly higher pH of
around seven point five or so so rummy knows do not fit the water that I have
this is an important thing so do not buy fish that do not match the water that
you have this is a true story I swear to God I cannot make this up
when I was working up at the RMS aquaculture up in Cleveland Ohio a guy
bought a $1,200 spotted shark the next day he brought that spotted shark into
the pet store dead i sat there and watched the manager asked him the
question sir what is the salinity of your aquarium and he replied what’s
salinity my number seven no the water of the Fisher bring it in so you don’t kill
him right away when I was six fastest way to kill your
fish quickly you’re doing everything right the story goes back to what I left
the book we’re at on Florida and you decide it’s a beautiful sunny day down
at Boca and you’re gonna clean the heck out of your aquarium so what did I do
I took all six of the filter pads out of my 125 and clean them and chlorinated
water then I did about a 60% water change I power clean my aquarium and
guess what happened I killed about half of the school of bleeding-heart tetras
that I had because I over cleaned my aquarium folks be careful when you’re
doing water changes over anything like 40% that’s where you’re getting the
caution zone do not over clean your aquarium go a little bit we want a
little bit of changes my number six way to kill your fish quickly doing too much
clean it too much but of a five fastest way to kill your fish quickly not using
declaw or not using enough deke lure this goes to two stories Story one when
I was a kid I lived in Philly Ohio Flag City baby had some fantastic water I
actually thought that using decor was just a waste of money and it was a myth
I moved away from there and I realized that chlorine is real once back in my
whole office I killed for Australian rainbows by not having decor on hand
when I was doing a water change and the other time I actually had the core in
hand and I was doing a big water change on the 220 right behind me here but my
wonderful city here in Fayette County had too much chlorine in the water I
could actually smell it I didn’t add enough dechlorinator to my tank and the
chlorine levels were still too high and killed about 200 neon tetras and a
couple of pink ancestress plecos that i love dearly number five not using an up
deal or not using decoy will kill your fish queen my number four fastest way to kill your
fish quickly I learned this from the grandmasters of fish keeping out of st.
Louis mr. Steve edy click the links around here check out his fish room a
bunch of cichlids in it fastest way to kill your fish quickly is this if for
some reason your filter gets unplugged or you have a power outage of some kind
and let’s say your filter is off for more than an hour so your once
beneficial doing your good bacteria now starts to die that bacteria starts to
die becomes a moaning because there’s no water flowing through it then when you
plug your filter back in you’re gonna pump in all that now ammonia water back
into your aquarium which could potentially kill your fish quickly my
number 4 tip if your filters been unplugged for more than an hour dump it
out start with new water don’t pump that up on your water back my number 3
fastest way to kill your fish quickly you’ve got your tank you love your tank
you’re paying attention to your tank and you’re like bruh let’s feed the tank bro
and what happens you’re like well I eat three times a day bro let’s feed the
fish bro let’s feed them three times a day and then what happens you power feed
your fish it’s on you your fish eat it’s on your fish poop a ton and then what
happens your fish have a ton of ammonia that ammonia spikes your fish gets sick
or you potentially kill your fish number three don’t feed your fish too much
folks feed lightly only a little bit and if you are gonna be heavy do the work
through the water changes I’ll have a true fastest way to kill
your fish quickly this goes back to number three you power feed your fish
all the time but you never do any kind of water changes you know who you are
you don’t do any water changes the ammonia builds up all of a sudden one of
your fish is dead your kids piss off your wife’s pissed off your life spit
off all because you didn’t do the work and do a little bit of a water change
look through 25% of water changes once a week if you got the time energy do a
little bit more water changes folks it makes your life easier my number two
fastest way to kill your fish not doing the work with the water change number
one fastest way to kill your fish quickly as this and it is a sad one
folks you’ve got your tank dialed in you’re
balanced it’s balanced you’re feeding just the right amount of food you’re
doing just the right amount of water changes you might even be having babies
you might be propagating plants everything is going wonderful for you
and your aquarium so what do you do you listen to the old lady and you take a
good bit of vacation so you planned a family trip in the family truckster and
what do you do it’s your fault it’s your problem
you leave your aquarium home in the hands of someone you think you can trust
with your fish what happens you fail to measure out the appropriate amounts of
food to put in the tank each day you fail to show them how frequently to put
in the set amount of foods you fail to show them how to do a water changes or
most importantly you fail to realize you could probably leave your fish alone for
a week and they will be just freakin fine over a week it’s a little bit of
trouble so it is your fault ultimately when you go out of town and you leave
your aquarium in the hands of someone else who happens to do something that
kills your fish too much food crazy water change whatever yes folks the
fastest way to kill your fish quickly is to leave them in the untrained hands of
someone other than yourself I’ve seen it happen a bunch of times do me a favor
folks drop me a comment on the fastest way either you’ve killed fish or you
know fastest way somebody’s killed fish come on it’s a pity party pilot on we
all want to talk about it also click the links around here you can check out
other videos on this individual topics I break them down for you if you like what
I’m doing hit the subscribe button or hit the notification little thing ding
my periodically on this wonderful platform as well as a ton on instagram
at Dustin’s fishtanks on Instagram everybody have a fabulous
freaking week and tanks on later but be careful you don’t wanna be touched up in
ground and we’re just gonna take this we’re gonna scoop it out as best we can
be careful if you gotta wear sunglasses cuz the pink gravels hurting eyes feel
free to do so we’re just gonna scope all the cake gravel out right here if you
want to do this in darkness their friends don’t see a stupid pink ramble
that’s fine alright folks so now we got the pink gravel out we got the pink
gravel secured we’ve got it where I sunglasses want to make sure we keep our
eyes protected while we’re doing this pink grab and they here’s what I
recommend you do if you got pink raveling you’re trying to throw it away
don’t do it there in the daytime do it at nighttime you want to make sure none
of your neighbours friends relatives anybody sees you putting that pink grab
on trash you want to do that on the DL okay so now we got our tank set up right
here we got a full-blown empty we got a pink gravel thrown away pink gravels
gone it’s out of your life your wife’s happy you like him now here comes the
critical part here comes the scary part for all you mothers out there I know
what you’re saying here so if you’re saying I’m not letting my fat freckled
fish tank free kid bring that dirt into the house let me tell you something
guess what happens if you don’t let your fat fucking fish tank free kid bring
that dirt in the house nothing’s gonna happen right away then all of a sudden
44 years lady’s gonna be hanging out on Miami Beach he’s gonna grab a sex worker
they’re gonna go back to the hotel room they’re gonna start making out she’s
gonna start biting his lip he’s gonna have to punch that broad to get him off
him then he’s getting up on local news and your kid’s gonna be in the local
newspaper you don’t want that I don’t want that let the kid bring the 3rd in
the house okay

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