Apakah Umpan Palsu Lebih Efektif ???  Penjelasan Apa itu Sport Fishing   – Sport Fishing Techniques

Apakah Umpan Palsu Lebih Efektif ??? Penjelasan Apa itu Sport Fishing – Sport Fishing Techniques

this video was made answering friends’ fishing questions, why did I use artificial bait in fishing and what is the difference from fishing using live bait and now I will use artificial bait, which is a micro jig and use jigging technique which is also one example of the sport fishing that I use, this is the description sport fishing is fishing by continuing to move bait with various techniques thus the hand or body will continue to move like exercise that’s why this fishing technique is called sport fishing sport fishing generally uses artificial bait that is constantly being moved to steal the attention of predatory fish examples of this fishing technique are casting, jigging, popping and trolling casting techniques usually use minnow bait, softlure spiner and others this technique is commonly used in shallow corals, river estuaries and also for freshwater predators in river lakes even in ponds the second is the jigging technique this technique uses metal or tin which is formed like a small fish which is called metal jig this technique is used in the deep sea with a depth of 30 meters or more bait is moved with a certain rhythm to attract the attention of predatory fish the third is the popping technique used to disturb predatory fish on the surface of the reef this technique is usually used to catch large fish foraging on the surface of the reef like giant travel, mackerel and so on the bait used is called a popper, usually made of wood formed played by pulling it which then creates splashes of water that disturb predatory fish the fourth is the popping technique, the bait that is pulled by the ship which aims to be pursued by plagic predatory fish the target is plagic fish such as mackerel and marlin fish advantages and disadvantages of sport fishing the advantages of sport fishing the first is the possibility of a bigger predator strike because of the movement of bait we do in sport fishing fish will grab bait not only because of hunger but it will also ambush if it feels disturbed by its territory the second one does not need to change or cut bait frequently when fishing so we can save time weakness of sport fishing the equipment needed is expensive because the tackle used must have good strength because the tackle will work not only when fighting fish but also when we play artificial bait with these needs, we need good quality equipment and will be expensive the second is the price of bait that tends to be expensive, so if it breaks it will feel lost the third because it continues to play the bait, the angler will feel tired at a certain time so sport fishing absolutely requires fit stamina Okay that was a little explanation from me about sport fishing and its strengths and weaknesses for fishing friends who are used to sport fishing or are accustomed to using artificial bait can add information in the comments column, time to try sport fishing – ultralight jigging I use a micro silver jig with double hook and assist which contains chicken feathers like this time to try okay friend fishing sport fishing is fishing using artificial bait like this the sensation was the angler was surprised when the bait was ambushed by fish but whatever fishing techniques we use, the most important thing is that we can enjoy fishing and get a fish strike thank you for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe greetings one hobby

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