Anglers for Autism

Anglers for Autism

all right thanks Dave all the time now is 553 and anglers for autism it’s gonna be put on by the Welsh PD so kind of tell us a little bit about like what what you guys are gonna be doing well it’s put on by the by you by Singlish Club I’m one of the directors along with the Josh via tor and David Roni and Marshall and tackle but uh we’re putting it all on September the 8th at Mars landing in Lake Arthur or Lori off the Merman tall river okay perfect and so if people want to get involved what do they have to do they can go to WWE English for Autism dot org or they could stop by 302 West Blackmon Street and Jennings at Marshall and tackle and sign up there all right so what made you guys decide to do something like this cuz this is the first time that you guys are doing it yeah so our club president got with the club asked if something that we’d be interested in and everybody pretty much voted yeah and we took off from there and got things rolling so definitely like a family fun event for everyone you know they can come out and they can enjoy and learn a little bit more about autism – yeah absolutely uh you know we’re gonna open up our gates around twelve o’clock we’re gonna be selling you know burgers hot links jambalaya we’ve got an alligator blue a band coming to play we’re gonna do an auction we have a lot of a lot of big-name bass fisherman professionals Jacob wheeler mark Daniels jr. Shaw Grigsby Edwin eavers Chris Lane Livingston lures a lot I mean that the rest of stuff that was donated to us that we’re gonna auction off for uh for the charity and and then we’ll have a weighing in at 3:00 p.m. and we’ll end it from 7:00 to 9:00 with Richard LaBeouf and Tuesday so it’s definitely gonna be a lot of fun for every smile you so um windows registration indoor can they register up yeah you don’t register up until the morning of and we asked if you if you register the morning of police show up you know pretty early blast off is going to be at 6:30 roughly safe daylight get there a little early so we make sure that we have everybody’s information down and everybody’s paid up right perfect well um if you guys need any of that information will of course post that on ket c-calm just in case they missed any of that but we do appreciate you being out here this just man all right so now we’re gonna head over to Abbie Breidenbach because Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Acadiana they’re looking for men to mentor some of their boys that the organization is hosting a group orientation later today and Abbie Breidenbach is live with us on why you should help out good morning Abbie hey Katey that’s right

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