Angler catches massive trout, doesn’t count for state record

Angler catches massive trout, doesn’t count for state record

— ERIC — — ERIC — NEW TONIGHT AT SIX — A DEDICATED TROUT FISHERMAN — ERIC — — ERIC — HAD THE CATCH OF A LIFETIME — A MASSIVE RAINBOW TROUT. — CHARLOTTE — — CHARLOTTE — BUT HE HAD TO LET THE FISH GO — WITHOUT GETTING TO SEE IF IT BROKE A STATE RECORD.. NEWS THREE’S JENNA MIDDAUGH HAS MORE ON THE BIG FISH TALE. P- 1 VO TRACK FOR BEN HALFEN, TROUT FISHING IS MORE THAN A PASSION, IT’S A WAY OF LIFE. 1 SOTW1 43 10;06 – it’s probably my number one hobby on the weekends. most of my closet friends and I trout fish, we’ve been fishing for 7 years now roughly. 10;24. 2 VO TRACK AND HIS MOST RECENT FISHING TRIP IS ONE HE’LL REMEMBER FOR YEARS TO COME. 2 SOTW3 42 4;05 – when we saw it, we were freaking out. It looked like a shark in the water compared to the normal trout you see. It just defied reason, your mind didn’t even really understand what you were seeing 4;15. 3 VO TRACK ACCORDING TO HALFEN, THE LENGTH OF THE RAINBOW TROUT CAME IN AT A WHOPPING 31 AND A HALF INCHES – TWO INCHES LONGER THAN THE CURRENT STATE RECORD. 3 SOTW5 42 it was considerably bigger than what I’m used to and it actually ends up being almost 6 inches bigger than the largest trout I’ve ever caught 3;48. 4 VO TRACK BUT BECAUSE HALFEN WAS FISHING DURING THE CATCH AND RELEASE PERIOD, HE HAD TO LET THE WHALE OF A FISH GO. 4 SOTW7 43 9;30 – I would love to catch that fish again, but I think that it’s a one in a million chance that you’ll run into it again. 9;38. 3 VO TRACK LIVE RELEASE 3 SOTW9 42 with the live release category now, we can have people feel good about having a record and feel better because they don’t have to kill the fish to do it 7;24. 4 VO TRACK EVEN THOUGH HALFEN HAD TO LET THE RAINBOW TROUT SWIM AWAY, HE’S SETTING HIS SIGHTS ON A NEW PRIZE FISH. 4 SOTW11 43 11;12 I’d really like to catch a brown trout instead of a rainbow trout over 30 inches, that’s my goal 11;18. IN BARABOO, JENNA MIDDAUGH, WISC NEWS 3. 1 – CENTER SCREEN SHOT ON CAM — CHARLOTTE — — CHARLOTTE — LIVE RELEASE

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