Am Wolfgangsee auf 🎣❤️ BARSCH, ZANDER & HECHT 🇦🇹speaking 🇬🇧subtitles #strklvrs

Am Wolfgangsee auf 🎣❤️ BARSCH, ZANDER & HECHT 🇦🇹speaking 🇬🇧subtitles #strklvrs

Hey there from lake Wolfgangsee! Team Westin Austria is with us Hello to our friend Roman Hagen. with some boats. We’re in the middle of the lake right now, trying to catch some predators. Pike, zander, perch. Nice weather we have, but we lack of some wind. We’ll do some vertical fishing, some casting. Same same as every time. Petri Heil! Nice, on the perch lure. Let’s land it. Yes, first fish of the trip. I tried to catch some perch actually and fished with a little ShadTeez in 6,5cm. I wanted to fish bigger lures, but for finding perch I downsized. I don’t know the name of the color now, see yourself. Not big, but maybe 50cm. That’s real fun! What a nice lure for chub! Some Japanese bug imitation. This looks just so awesome in the water. wtf?! We changed spot now. And here’s the next chub. A nice take on the surface this was. Nice fish. I just wanted to say that the next hours must be awesome! From 7 to 8 o’clock there’s moon phase and then the water will boil! 🙂 We will catch like never before! Here there are the other guys as well. Somebody must catch a fish! But actually it got slower in the last 15 minutes. Now it’s calm. So what’s up? It was a nice day. Quite hot weather, Biggest catch was a sunburn. And… some little fish. Zander, perch, pike, chub. A good mixture. Tomorrow will be another fishing day for us. We wish you a nice time, Petri Heil and Tight Lines!

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