Allegheny river monster on light tackle

Elijah: ahh, I think I got him! Eldon: [laughing]
Marlin: Yeah, you did Elijah: Well… now wait a minute
what’s going on? Marlin: keep the pressure on him Elijah: He’s a little bigger – Oh yeah, he’s a little bigger
Marlin: yeah.. he’s running under the boat keep working him up off the bottom Marlin: there he goes
Eldon: Oh, wow! He’s serious now Marlin: I think it’s a flathead Eldon: What pound line do you have? Elijah: 15 – I put on 15 instead of 8 that came with this rod [guys talking over top of each other] Marlin: you got a nice fish on there Eldon: I caught a glimpse there a minute ago
but i couldn’t say what was Elijah: I don’t know
Marlin: Should I net him? Eldon: I’d have said it was more brown..
Elijah: yeah, you might want to get the net Marlin: When he gets up to the boat
he takes off I think it’s a big channel Elijah: look at him
Marlin: Oh, it’s a turtle! Elijah: it’s a turtle !? Awwww Oh, my goodness.
Marlin: it’s a big one, too bout as big as a five gallon bucket

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