Aerial Angling episode 4 – Hosetvatnet, Averøy, Norway w/ drone footage

A beautiful evening by Hosetvatnet I’ve got 2 so far I’ll try and get some more before I go home Small fish counts as well If it doesn’t please my father-in-law, it will please the cat I’m not gonna be ungrateful, it’s better than not getting anything Pretty fish though. Beautiful trout. There’s so much black fly now that if yo don’t have insect or bug spray it’s best to go home I always film the first 2 fishes because I think there’s not gonna be many more but this was a good evening Hosetvatnet delivers Evening no.2 by Hosetvatnet Hopefully it’ll be better than evening no.1. First of all this is not the place you want to go swimming. It’s like grass and juncus and shit on the edge of the water everywhere this is where I stood last time it’s like, you don’t wanna jump into this that’s not what you wanna do but Tryg Vesta thinks that “yes this spot will be used for swimming so this is where we’ll put a lifebuoy”. Good job Tryg Vesta! I doubt how much their buoy gets used And cuz it’s so grassy and gross here even though I got lots of fish, I’ve brought my secret weapon today I’ll show you There, now everything is ready Yup It took a little longer than the other night but, now we’ve started The sun is still up and uhm 4 so far, not bad, I’ll keep going Ending this day with 6 fishes A little better last time, but 6 is not too bad either Still a lot of daylight, 11:30 PM A fine July evening A little foggy on the lake And it’s cold. Brr! Time to go home Yes, here I am by Hoset… I sound so retarted! I’m here by Hosetvatnet for evening no.2 and uhm I’m gonna tell you 2….

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