A guide to Linear Fisheries from the head bailiff

A guide to Linear Fisheries from the head bailiff

Manor…wintertime, I’d be looking at the
Road Bank area. Pegs two, three, four and five, and also Witney Bank. It’s the longest
walk, it gets overlooked and a lot of fish hold up down there. You will notice in our
winter, late autumn and early spring captures, the bigger fish tend to sit down in that deeper
water. Come the springtime, you want to get across
on to the River Bank, which is shallower water, 6ft/7ft.
I like a lot of boilie in Manor, they do seem a boilie-munching carp in that one, so I do
sort of recommend bringing a few kilo down for 24 hours. St John’s…again, the Road Bank end, the bowl area in the wintertime it’s a bit deeper
water, but do not discount the shallows in the winter. There’s always fish around Kempy’s
area, always can nick a few there. Obviously, when it gets warm, up to the shallows – it’s
been well documented with the Korda video with Henman Hill. And again they do like bait
on there. And if you’re after them catfish they do like the zigs in the spring so stay
away from them if you don’t like cats! B1…heavily stocked, with god knows how many
40s in that one now. Again, this time of year [February] it does seem to be about distance,
the guys that can fish out into the middle, but I have noticed a change to that this winter
– a lot of fish are coming out around 16/17 wraps, so that’s 70-80yds. They do like bait
on that one, they do like bait! I’m seeing people, even in the winter, not putting enough
in on that one. I know we get knocked at Linear for loading in, but I’ve seen some good anglers
load in and catch fish, and you’ve got other people that are just not putting enough in. B2…again, phenomenal water when it switches on. They have big hits out of that one. It
has been about the bowl, but again I’ve noticed this year the fish are down towards the 14/15
pegs, 20-24, more down towards the narrow end. Sweetcorn! If anyone asks me about B2,
90 per cent sweetcorn in the mix. Wonderful lake, Hardwick/Smith’s. I’ve spent
a lot of time on it myself. Again, wintertime I know I mention the Road Bank a lot, but
again Road Bank of this lake, you’ve got a series of bars out there round about 30-70yds
and 90-odd-yds. Wintertime it is about that. This year and last year, pegs five and six
were very good. The Christmas Tree and the end of the spits seemed to be very good, and
you’ve got deep water, but again the area behind the Christmas Tree, in Smith’s, pegs
25, 24, 26, that sort of area again is a good winter area.
I’ve always done well on boilies on Hardwick. I know we’ve changed the stocking slightly
and people are now calling it B3 – there’s about 1,000 fish in that one now. When they
do get on you they will eat the bait, so lots of hemp, pellet, boilie, sweetcorn, it will
work in that one, too. Oxlease is a big-fish water. And, for me,
big-fish waters are boilies. But saying that, I know we’ve changed our rules as regards
to maggots, but Oxlease is a phenomenal maggot-bag water, especially in the colder months. Stick
to the rules – the rules are four pints, I believe, for 24 hours. Stick to the rules,
use bags, don’t spod them, and you will have phenomenal results if you get on the fish. Hunt’s Corner…lovely lake. Long shaped and you don’t seem to ever have problems with
people casting over you on that one. There’s a couple of 40s in that one. Fishing-wise,
the tench anglers got on to this this year and they had a lot of success, with carp when
they were fishing for tench, with their chopped-worm rigs. I know it’s been documented across angling,
but it does seem to work. I see a lot of success on that as well just over a standard Linear
spod mix, your hemp, your pellet, your sweetcorn and your 10-12mm boilies chopped up in there.
It’s a lovely little lake, Hunt’s.

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  • Just say it’s rubbish and the fish have all gone! Traffic a nightmare getting through oxford stay clear,,,,, and keep it a secret lol 😂 😂 great place 👍

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