2018 Smokercraft 162 Pro Angler XL

2018 Smokercraft 162 Pro Angler XL

hey I’m Mark Romanek I hope you’re in
the mood for a test ride we’re gonna take this smoker craft 162 Pro angler
XL and put it through its paces the 162 Pro angler XL at 16 foot 3
inches long down the center line has a 91 inch beam and a maximum horsepower
capacity 90 horses well we’re gonna start our discussion of the pro
angler 162 XL right here at the captain’s council and it is a big one
I’m a big guy and there’s no shortage of space here I slipped right into this
council very very nicely also some unique features like there’s the tilt
wheel feature here so if a guy does need a little more room you’re gonna have a
little extra room there as well the other features that jump out at me that
I think are important is look how much flat spaces up on this console you need
all that flat space because that’s where you’re gonna mount your sonar your GPS
maybe even a VHF radio I also like the fact that the gauges are easy to see
they’re right here right above the steering wheel so you can see your tack
your speedometer your fuel gauge all that is very easy to see the toggle
switches on the right hand side are all grouped together nicely here and they’re
positive when you push one on it stays on it also has a light as an indicator
there’s some other nice features here as well for example there’s a 12-volt
charging port so if you’re in a position where you want to charge your cell phone
and you’ll be able to do that and there’s an mp3 port as well so if you
want to listen to some custom tunes you can do that through your cell phone or
if you want you can just use the am/fm radio to come standard we just jumped
across to the passenger console on the 162 pro angler XL and the 162
designation means it’s a dual console walkthrough windshield bolt and this
windshield is beautiful it covers all the way across the boat plenty of the
protection here from the elements the other thing that jumps out at me is that
up on top here you open up the simple little box here and there’s a nice
storage compartment up here perfect little place for storing small tackle
items like terminal tackle then we go down and we take a look at the glove box
the glove box is absolutely huge lots of room in here for storing things that
absolutely have to stay dry like maybe your cell phone or your tablet in down
underneath yours and also another important area not only is there plenty
of room for your feet but this is also where the deep-cycle battery is going to
be stored for your electric motor so the council’s on this boat are really
setup excellent or all kinds of fishing applications both
the port and starboard sides of this boat has some unique fishing features
let’s start at the gunnel and work our way down there’s an integrated track
system and standard on this boat and what’s neat about it is allows you to
put all kinds of accessories on this boat very quickly things like rod
holders or tool holders cup holders even down riggers can be mounted to this boat
very quickly and then removed if you don’t need them that’s a unique feature
and as we go down to the rod Locker the rod Locker is lockable but what I like
about it is it’s got step pads on the top of it that makes it safer for
getting in and out of the boat then as we work our way down there’s an
integrated open storage a little bit below this nice thing about that is that
bulky items like things like dock bumpers for example are gonna slip in
and out of there very nicely also this integrated storage area would be a great
place to store your life jackets when you’re not wearing them yeah I just
jumped up under the casting deck of the pro angler 162 XL and it’s got a lot of
room up here basically all I did was took the passenger seat throw it up here
and man it’s comfortable you have plenty of room up here it’s all vinyl under
your feet and in my opinion that’s exactly where fishing boats should be
designed finals easy to maintain and easy to keep clean but there’s more than
this casting deck in this comfort it also has a lot of nice functions in it
for example there’s an aerated live well below my feet and also there’s an extra
dry storage compartment here plenty big for your cranking batteries or if you
were to have a two-stroke for your oil reservoir let’s talk a little bit about
the cockpit of the smoker crap 162 pro angler
XL floors all vinyl if we’ve talked about that before that’s a great feature
in a fishing boat but you also have some other unique features here you got toe
kicks on both the port and starboard side of the boat which makes it real
nice when you’re setting lines give you a little bit more security if you’re
fishing in rough water on the floor there’s also a large storage compartment
perfect for additional rods now we talked about the rod storage and the
port in the starboard gunnels but there’s additional rod storage in the
floor as well there’s a cockpit seating for three people and what I really like
are the flush mount seat bases you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toe
anytime when you’re in this boat great features in the cockpit of this bill I’m
on the bow casting platform on the 162 pro angler XL
one of the things that I like about this we talked about the integrated track
system earlier well that track system extends all the
way up to the bow of the boat so you can mount rod holders up here in the front
of the boat that’s going to be really nice for a lot of
like fishing applications like bottom bouncer or slips into the rigging on the
floor all-vinyl as we talked about before easy to keep clean and something
else that’s special about this this boat has a second live well in the bow you
don’t see 16 foot boats having to live wills very often but this one’s got a
plied wheel in the back of the boat and a live wheel in the front of the boat
and there’s also a dry storage compartment on top of all of that it’s
got an electric motor with a quick disconnect that’s a really nice feature
because you can put the electric motor on or when you might need it for certain
fishing applications or take it off if you just want to go out for an afternoon
boat ride the smoker craft 162 pro angler XL it’s got some features you
just don’t typically see in a 16-foot boat for example rod storage capacity 18
rods that’s amazing to live wells you rarely see two live
wells on a 16-foot boat vinyl throughout these are great features check this boat
out at smokercraft.com or better yet check it out at your favorite smoker
craft dealer

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