2018 American Angler 162 Pro Tracer by Smokercraft Walk Thru

hey I’m Mark Romanek and I hope you’re
in the mood for a test ride because we’re going to take this new vote it’s
made by smoker craft in the American angler series it’s called a 162 Pro
tracer we’re gonna take it out for a test ride the American angler series are
all welded hauls this particular model the 162 pro tracer is 16 foot 6 inches
long down the center line has an 82 inch beam and a maximum horsepower capacity
of 60 horses the 162 Pro tracer we’re sitting here at the driver’s Council and
the first thing it’s going to hop out at yeah of course is the windshield this is
a walkthrough windshield model and the windshield is nice and high and what I
like about that is if you’re wearing a ballcap
you can be running down the lake with your ball cap on normally it’s not going
to blow your ball cap off so it gives you a lot of nice protection the other
thing I like is the council square and flat there’s plenty of room up here to
put a nice big sonar screen in fact you could put a nine or a 12 inch GPS sonar
combo up here no problem whatsoever underneath the console there’s lots of
leg room so you’re not gonna have any trouble getting in here and there’s
plenty of room underneath the store fishing tackle there’s also a shelf
where you put something like a VHF radio so there’s a lot of good features there
as well the gauges are all here on the right hand side they’re easy to see the
toggle switches are lit so when you engage them you can tell that they’re on
and that way you don’t forget and actually leave them on there’s a fuel
gauge navigation lights of course a bilge pump and then also for your live
well as well we just hop across to the passenger console and there some really
nice features here as well the seat that I’m sitting on it’s very comfortable and
underneath this seat and also the driver’s seat is a lockable storage
underneath so you’ve got great storage for fishing tackle right underneath your
seat of course there’s a nice big flat area up here as well so if you wanted to
Mont your VHF radio over here where you can get at it that’d be a nice location
for it as well underneath there’s plenty of room for your feet in fact there’s
plenty of room for your feet and a tackle box underneath there as well and
there’s also a shelf in there that’s going to be nice for storing bulky items
things like inline planer boards now of course it’s a glove box and when you
open the glove box it’s just big enough to store some small tackle items or
maybe your cell phone all in all the passenger pelts are here set up very
very comfortable the pro Chaser 162 accommodates up to 4 adults for seating
we already talked about the passenger seats as far as for the drivers Council
and also a passenger console there’s storage boxes underneath those as well
I’m also sitting on another storage box the seat that I’m on right now has a
large storage capability underneath it and there’s two of these the nice thing
about these boxes is they can be moved anywhere you
and then mounted down so the customer gets to decide exactly where they want
to put these jump seats great comfortable seats and great storage
we’re here at the back of the pro tracer 162 and there’s some really nice
features we want to talk about here as well for example I like this integrated
rod storage this is a simple way of storing your rods but it’s really easy
to put them in and it’s really easy to take them out also you’ll notice it over
my head we got the bimini top here which ties into the walkthrough windshield
that’s going to give you a lot of protection on those really warm days
when you get a lot of Sun and you want to escape that Sun that’s going to be
beautiful it’s also going to be very nice on those inclement weather days as
well down on the floor is all high grade vinyl you’ve heard me say it before and
I’ll say it again it doesn’t get better than a buy now on the floor of a fishing
boat it’s the easiest surface to keep maintained and clean and looking good
for the long haul and then there’s also this Tokyo down
here and when the toe kick is all about it allows you to get close to the gunnel
and lock yourself in for when you’re setting lines this is gonna be really
nice when you’re fishing in choppy water I’m on the bow of the 162 Pro tracer and
there’s some neat features up here as well
when you take a look at the live well it is huge now obviously guys that get this
boat are gonna use it for big fish things like Pike and muskie and salmon
fishing it’s gonna be right in the wheelhouse of this boat also you have
these safety rails that are running on either side this is a nice feature as
well there’s also a dry storage up here which is plenty big for storing things
like your canvas I said this boat comes with a Bimini the drop-down curtains and
stuff we’re gonna store right in this dry storage compartment when you need
them they’re gonna be handy and then it’s also underneath my butt where I’m
sitting is another little small integrated storage area it’s gonna be
nice for this eyes and ends right now I’ve got some inline planer boards in
there as we mentioned the pro tracer 162 is an American Angler series built by
smoker craft if you wanna learn more about this boat go to smokercraft.com and check it out online or better yet find a dealer with one in stock and take
a look at this one in person

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