🎣Best Fishing Locations + Fishing Tips! 🐟- Stardew Valley

🎣Best Fishing Locations + Fishing Tips! 🐟- Stardew Valley

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  • not sure if you mentioned it or not, but in winter on the beach just above the light by Willy's shop is a sweet spot good squid! has to be after 4pm when it's considered night.

  • Thanks! As an avid fisher in Stardew Valley, I have gained some really great tips! I never knew that you could use WASD to help you change the direction of your fishing line!

  • How exactly do you figure out which spots are the perfect spots for fishing, it sounds like it took a lot of tedious trial and error

  • I have the river farm and I get pretty good fish there

    Fun Fact: Fishing was my 2nd skill that got to level 10. Farming was 1st

  • Have I got a tip for you. As soon as the line is casting, go to the journal button under your money counter and click on it. If you wait a bit, you can hear the hit noise that you caught something. Click out of the journal and your character will automatically start reeling in your catch. The point to this is that while you are looking at the journal, Time Does Not Pass. Meaning that you can catch loads of fish in a relatively short time. Need to catch a pufferfish that only shows up between 12-4pm in the ocean? Now you got many more chances to catch it in that short window of time. ;D Hope this helps.

  • Do you know best spot for catching octopus i didn't find it just yet i find legend (legend.fish)glacier and angler caught those alerady but not the octo

  • Ya know I always think that anyone who does a tip video for Stardew Valley is like a crew member of Living Off the Land.
    I love that.😄💖

    I also can never get enough fishing tips. For me I always forget what fishes are where and what seasons/times they're available.😅
    I love fishing in SV. It was difficult at first, but once you learn how to keep the bar on the fish it becomes second nature.😄🎣💙

  • If u choose the riverland farm then there Are many spots close to the House theres many Dark areas and SharkGamer yesterday i started watching ur vids and i have really enjoy, i subscribed 😐

  • Does this apply to the PS4?, and also what should I do if I can't do most/all of these because im starting a new game?

  • I have tried adding bait etc to my rod (PC) and nothing happens whatever level rod I try. I have right and left clicked. You seem to be just clicking, are you holding the mouse button down? I have got to master level in earlier games without adding any bait or tackle.

  • Id say the best use of the area to the right of the beach is for coral to make warp totems for fishing and more space for crab traps if thats your thing plus urchins

  • Great video. Although, what I want to know is if luck affects the difficulty of the fish in the mini game? The wiki says that luck increases the chance for a treasure chest appearing but doesn't state if luck affects the difficulty of the fish. I have tried finding out through discussion sites but none really go into detail about luck affecting the fish difficulty.

  • fishing was the first skill to reach 10 for me even before any other skill reached 5 xD it was literally my way of getting a living in the first year (and mining) XD

  • okay, gotta be real here. these spots dont do anything for you. only the legendary fish are limited to certain areas. quality fish can be caught anywhere and are related to your fishing skill, random chance, perfect catching and distance from the land. thats why you should go to wider areas of water, there you dont have to worry about being close to the land at maximum cast. bait and bubbles make you waste less time on waiting for a fish to bite, tackle can have different effects.
    good luck catching!

  • I know you play the computer version of Stardew Valley, and I own a copy myself. But I've recently started the Switch version and made much more progress on that file. But I STILL CAN'T CATCH FISH AT ALL. I don't even know how to use a tackle.. I tried attaching it to my rod but it didn't work?? I know it takes practice.. But I've been trying for real life years, and game years. I've been getting all my fish for the bundles from the traveling cart.. Someone please advise?

  • I just bought this game a few days ago. After watching all your stardew valley videos I started a new game! Your videos are extremely helpful. Thank you

  • I play on Xbox and I can’t figure out how to cast my line different ways except for straight :/

  • Also I think you catch more fish when it’s raining ! I’m not sure if it’s proven or not though

  • I managed 48k by Spring 18, year 1. Just fishing every day . Save the fish until you're level 10, then sell for the 25+50% perks

  • Also if you want to make a food that helps at fishing make Chowder it just needs a clam and any kind of fish! It increases your fishing by 1 and last for 15 minutes,I hope that helps.

  • Please pin this it’s a good tip!!

    If you put a winter root in a seed maker it gave me a ancient seed! It only works with winter root though. Or winter seeds

  • Sometimes I like to go fishing in the pond in that shrine like area that you need to upgrade your ax to steel to get in to.

  • Most people, or new players I should type, cannot catch the fish, like myself!! I’m looking for how to CATCH fish on Switch. Everything I’ve found are for players who play the PC version. That doesn’t help at all, because they are using a keyboard, not a controller which is totally different when playing a game!
    All this time, you could have explained HOW TO ACTUALLY CATCH A FISH. Most new players cannot figure it out. I played several days, in game time, caught only one by accident. I can’t seem to control the bar in sync with the fish. Can you do a video on this? Trust me, you’ll get a lot of watchers!!

  • Just got Stardew Valley on PS4 and would like to know how to attach hooks and bait to my fishing pole, I've been trying to and nothing works. Wondering if the d-pad will do the same as the awsd for kb

  • I don't think this guide works anymore, at least the spots near the mine don't. I got nothing but silver fish. The ocean gives me way more gold quality fish.

  • Guys I wanna give you one tip!
    So…In the winter there are three days when the night market is on the beach.
    There is a man in the submarine who asks you for 1000g to go into the sea.
    Buy that! I mean I spent 1250 cash (250g to go back home) and I got 5000g so… It is a good deal!
    You get the last fish there and others too! You can sell 1 blob fish(the last fish on panel or idk its name) for 500g!

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