Новые вращающиеся блесны Pontoon21. Алексей Вьюнов. Anglers Box.

Новые вращающиеся блесны Pontoon21. Алексей Вьюнов. Anglers Box.

Hello, I am Alexey Vjunov, Moscanella expert. Every season gives a lot of information about the trends of the next one. And interested specialists always monitor ever-developing tendencies. In the world of spinnerbaits the interest towards original lures
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by Pontoon 21 has been growing, especially to Synchrony and
Ball Concept. Many anglers from different countries pointed out their truly remarkable hauls. A diverse color set helps to choose the necessary lures according to any conditions, including water illumination. And this season the size range has also increased.
Though it would be correct to say that size gradation of
Ball Concept and Synchrony became more accurate. There are two more sizes, apart form already existing 1,5: 2,5 and 3,5. The new models as well as the one of the 1,5 size, differ from the lures of a similar class. Their petals have different proportions. They are more oblong in comparison with the petals of #2 and #3 models, accordingly. As a result, the angle and rotation speed are different. Always thorough setting of all components, сarefully measured stamping depth, perfect calculation of the axial sinkers, high-quality treble hooks with original fly matching the lure color are the reasons for Pontoon 21 spinners to to gain incredible popularity. Others are trying to copy these properties but with no success. All these qualities are fully represented in new sizes. You can successfully use the lures both in calm water
and in a stream. Besides variations of the existing models, Pontoon21
introduced new types of spinnerbaits. Their common name is Indi-Rah. The new original form of petals
distinguishes these lures. Another distinction is a heavier balance, which is concentrated on a heavy spindle-shaped core. It helps anglers to cast farther and more accurately, when you need to place the lure extremely carefully. Another modification is called BC Indi-Rah. The first letters are referred to the popular Ball Concept.
As you see, the core consists of specially selected balls of a different diameter. It allows accurate distribution of the mass center of the lure. Of course, the new lures have a diverse color set with original reverse coloration by
Pontoon21. They are equipped with high-quality Pontoon21 treble hooks with a fly, which matches the color of the lure.
Indi-Rah and BC Indi-Rah come in three sizes: 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. I would like to point out that the lure with a heavier core, as in #4.0, for instance, will appeal to those anglers who fish for predator at deep spots. During the tests Big pike reacted to slow low-frequency rotation of the petals. Pike perch reacted Identically. But Pontoon 21 has even more spinnerbaits. A lot of fishermen, especially
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Sportsmen anglers, will be interested in these two new models. The body of the lure resembles a fry. They got the following names. The first is Syncope because it has a petal of a famous Trait lure. The second one is Syncope Indi. There’s an Indi-Rah Petal . I told you about this lure
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a bit earlier. The body of the lure is made of Special heavy alloy, and in sectional view
you can see that the center of mass is biased towards the lower part of the lure, i.e. to its belly. It helps the lure to remain stable in a stream and prevents the line from twisting. Moreover, due to a heavy core of its lure you will be impressed with its castability. If you have a closer look at treble hooks you’ll notice, that Syncope is equipped with an original lock situated on the wire axis of the lure which allows you to change treble hooks, when properly handled. And it is not so easy to do because The treble hook by no means should come out of the fastener. And it’s not so difficult for an angler to do it with the help of a simple fishing instrument. Traditional diversity of colors is one of Pontoon21 trump cards. The lure color matching the surrounding will surely guarantee you success
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in spite of everything.

14 thoughts on “Новые вращающиеся блесны Pontoon21. Алексей Вьюнов. Anglers Box.”

  • У блесен понтун слишком толстый лепесток,да заводится хорошо,но при медленной проводке просто тонет.Мепсс просто эталон.

  • в каком году были выпущены в продажу, первые вертушки от п21 а также воблеры из бальсы фоп и жем, потому как в 2011 году компания саваж гир имела уже такие же вертушки и вобы

  • Вертухи крутые и уловистые , но что то мне с ними не канает совсем , зацепы обрывы потери ((( Даже в тех местах где я ловил до этого и был уверен что там точно не будет зацепов блесна схватила мертвый зацеп и пришлось ее оставить ((( Теперь ловлю только на резину со дна и воблерами по мелководью .

  • И для них еще надо покупать вертлюги с засежками и всякие дополнительные запчасти чтобы не крутило плетенку , короче слишком дорого на них ловить )))) Резина реально круче.

  • Константин Ковалевский,
    впервые в российской рыболовной прессе марка Pontoon21 упоминается в журнале «Рыбачьте с нами» в ноябре 2006 года. Архив номеров доступен, поэтому вот ссылка


    Вращающиеся блёсны демонстрировались на зимней выставке «охота и рыбалка на Руси» 2008 года. Они были в журналах 2009 года, а также в видеоприложении журнала «Рыбачьте с нами» май 2010 года.

    В каталогах Savage Gear похожих вращающихся блёсен нет ни в 2009, ни в 2010 годах.
    Многие их пытаются скопировать как в виде плагиата, так и в виде откровенных подделок.

  • Вращающиеся блесны:

  • Здравствуйте. Купил таких две штуки. Одна хорошо заводится, а вторая работает только при очень быстрой проводке

  • Безусловно дорого! Мепс дешевле, практичнее и работают без отказно практически при любой проводке

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